How To Buy Bulk Straws Quickly?

(Last Updated On: January 29, 2023)

Buying in bulk is one of the top practices that almost every business follows. Of course, bulk purchasing allows businesses to take advantage of economies of scale. 

Such a practice allows a business to save costs, time, effort, and much more. If you are in the catering business, you might also wonder whether and how can you invest in bulk straws quickly. 

If you are wondering about this, then you have come to the right place. Here is your complete guide to help you understand how you can buy bulk straws quickly for your business. 

Why Is It Best For Businesses To Buy Bulk Straws Quickly?

As a business, there are many reasons it is best to buy bulk straws quickly. Some of these reasons include:

  • Saving cost on straws
  • Ensuring an inventory for the foreseeable future 
  • Saves time as the business will not have to wait for shipping and delivery 
  • Reduces waste because you can buy the amount of straws you need
  • Allows businesses to shop consciously 
  • Ensures the quality of the straws

These are some of the top reasons it is best for businesses to buy bulk straws quickly. In the long run, you will reap many benefits from such practices. Of course, the biggest benefit is that you will significantly cut down your expenses. 

When businesses buy straws in bulk, they have to pay less for each unit. Besides that, buying straws in bulk only require one-time delivery. So, you will not have to keep paying the cost of shipping and delivery for a minuscule amount of straws

What Are The Best Types Of Bulk Straws For Businesses?

Now that you are familiar with the reasons for buying bulk straws, it is also crucial to understand the different types of bulk straws you can buy for your business. Here are some of the top eco-friendly bulk straws you can purchase today:

1. Paper Straws 

paper straws
Paper straws placed in a bar

The first option you have at your disposal is paper straws. These straws are one of the best alternatives to plastic straws because they are biodegradable and compostable. Once you dispose of these straws in the environment, they will naturally biodegrade within a few days. 

The best part about buying paper straws in bulk is that you can get them in various patterns, themes, colors, styles, sizes, and much more. Of course, the ones you select depend on the needs of your business. Shifting to buying paper straws in bulk will help you save costs while guaranteeing that you remain environmentally friendly. 

2. Bamboo Fiber Straws 

Bamboo fiber straws

Another environmentally friendly option for buying straws in bulk is bamboo fiber straws. These straws are made of natural bamboo fiber, which is why they don’t harm the environment. You can dispose of the bamboo fiber straw and it will begin to biodegrade within four and six weeks within the environment. 

Besides that, bamboo is a natural material, which means that the straws will not have any harmful chemicals or toxins. This is why it is a great option to buy bamboo fiber straws in bulk. You will ensure the health and safety of your customers for a long time to come with such straws. 

3. Sugarcane Straws

Compostable Drinking Straw Sugarcane - Etsy

Sugar cane straws as a great alternative to plastic straws. Sugarcane straws might not be the first thing to come to mind when buying straws in bulk, but they are a great option. That is because such straws are made of natural bagasse. The natural plant fiber ensures durability and best use of the straws for a long time. 

You can buy these straws in bulk and store them for a year or more. The key is to select the right manufacturer and supplier to provide you with high-quality sugarcane straws in bulk. It will enable your customers to benefit from these eco-friendly straws without you running out of supplies. 

4. PLA Straws 

PLA Straws — Green Pack Enviro Friendly Packaging
PLA straws

PLA stands for polylactic acid, which is a bioplastic used for making straws and other cutlery. These straws are made of corn starch and can be composted at a facility. The best part is that they feel like plastic straws, so they are a great alternative if you don’t want to use plastic and paper straws.

However, remember that PLA straws are not recyclable because of their low melting temperature. You can compost it at a facility without mixing it with other plastics or straws. This will help you get rid of the straw, while protecting the environment.

5. Wheat Straws 

Wheat straws 

A wheat straw is made from the wheat plant’s stem to offer a sturdy option for drinking beverages. The best part about this eco-friendly material is that the wheat will not be wasted. Heads of the plant are used in the food industry for making various items.

Meanwhile, the stems are used for making straws with high resistance to water. This means that the straw will not become soggy or lose its structure when being used for drinking. You can also compost this item in your backyard or at a facility within 90 days.

Advantages Of Buying Disposable Bulk Straws

Buying disposable bulk straws has various benefits, such as affordability and time-saving. Here are the different advantages of buying disposable bulk straws.

Saves Cost 

The primary benefit of buying disposable straws in bulk is that they offer more affordability. This will allow you to save more money, while getting a greater quantity of products. If you buy straws individually from a supplier, it will be more expensive.

However, buying in bulk allows you to get the straws at a wholesale rate. This will help you keep your business expenses lower, thus enjoying better profitability. 

Remember that buying in bulk means directly contacting a disposable straw manufacturer to place your order. You will remove the need for a middleman. Of course, this reduces the purchasing cost because you will not have to pay additional money to a middleman.

Saves Time 

Another benefit of buying bulk straws is that you can save more time. This is because you will not restock the supply weekly or monthly. You can save more money because of this benefit in different ways. Making fewer orders means you will not have to pay frequently for delivery.

So you will not be spending your money on high shipping charges every week. Placing a bulk order also eliminates the need to visit your supplier frequently. This means you can save more fuel by avoiding unnecessary trips to the factory.

The best part about saving time is that it will allow you to focus on your other business tasks. You will also prevent your business from experiencing a straw shortage at a specific time.

Helps Manage Inventory Better 

Managing your business inventory can be a tough task if you don’t know the exact amount of stock you have left. However, buying bulk straws will prevent you from facing such an issue. This is because you will already know how many straws your business uses weekly or monthly.

You can easily divide the bulk supply according to your weekly requirements. This will help your business have enough straws for a week, while ensuring that the supply will not run out for another few months or the entire year. Of course, this mainly depends on the bulk quantity.

Because of bulk supply, your inventory will not be disrupted. You will also not have to save straws during customer spikes. For instance, you may experience a significant rise in clients at your restaurant. 

Having bulk straws mean that you will not have to save supply by giving straws to customers who specifically ask for the item. So, buying bulk straws will help you manage your inventory better and prevent you from running out of straws unexpectedly.


Many businesses also buy bulk disposable straws because they are easily recyclable. Paper straws are recyclable because you can use them for various purposes such as decorating cakes, use them as props, and much more. This will help you reduce your ecological footprint significantly.

So if you have a catering business, these straws will provide you many more benefits. Your creative team can also convert different disposable straws into DIY items such as toys. The best part about recyclable items is that you can offer your customers sustainable drinking options easily.

Of course, remember that not all disposable straws are recyclable. For example, PLA straws are compostable, but they cannot be recycled due to their melting property.

Ease And Convenience For Customers 

Another benefit of buying bulk straws is that they offer an easy drinking option for customers. These products are also safer than plastic straws because they are not coated with harmful chemicals. So, your customers can enjoy a better quality of life by using disposable straws.

Bulk supply will also allow you to offer high convenience for customers who want a sustainable option. The best thing about excessive supply is that no client will be deprived of a straw. You can provide these items to dine-in customers and home delivery orders without worrying about stock running out if you’re a restaurant owner.

Advantages Of Buying Reusable Bulk Straws

Reusable straws can also be bought in bulk for various reasons. Here are their top benefits to help you make an informed decision:


The top feature of reusable straws is that they are more durable than other standard straws. This is because these products have higher resistance to water. So they will not lose shape when placed inside a beverage. Cleaning the straws again will sterilize them for reuse.

Typically, a reusable straw can be used at least 4 to 5 times. The times you can reuse a straw mainly depends on its material. Sugarcane straws are one of the top reusable straws that you can use after proper cleaning and storage.

One-Time Investment 

Buying reusable straws allows you to invest in the product one-time. So you can enjoy more value for money by buying such straws in bulk. Metal straws are one of the top reusable straws that many people are buying these days.

The best part about these straws is that you can buy sets at a wholesale rate from a manufacturer. Typically, one packet of reusable straws contains 4 to 12 pieces. The exact amount depends on your wholesaler.

Reduce Waste 

The best part about reusable straws is that they help you reduce waste significantly. You will not have to worry about filling landfills after using the product and throwing it away. Cleaning and storing the straws properly will improve the lifespan of these straws.

Your climate-conscious customers will also love using reusable straws because of this benefit. Many such straws are also biodegradable or compostable.

It is preferable to compost reusable straws after you have used them for maximum turns. The best thing about compost is that you can use it for enriching the soil and helping plants thrive.

Easy To Use 

Reusable straws are also bought in bulk because of their easy use. The only thing you have to do is open the packet and put the straw inside the beverage for drinking. Sucking the drink is also easier with these straws because of their straight design.

Of course, reusable straws may also come in bent options for more flexibility. The shape of these products also varies to suit different beverages.

For instance, you may buy jumbo bulk reusable straws if your business sells boba tea. You can enjoy ease of use with versatility when investing in these straws.

Ease Of Cleaning 

Buying reusable straws in bulk is also feasible because of the easy cleaning process. Some sets may also come with cleaning kits for better value for money. Typically, cleaning a reusable straw will not take more than a few minutes.

All you require is water and liquid dish soap for sterilizing the straw. Remember to dry the item properly after washing to easily store your reusable straws.

How To Buy Bulk Straws Quickly?

Buying bulk straws has become quick in today’s era because of various reasons. Here are the top things you should consider when wanting bulk straws quickly:

1. Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ)

An excellent way to buy bulk straws is by ordering the minimum order quantity. This metric is mainly used by a supplier to indicate the minimum number of straws they can provide you with at a time. Some wholesalers have an MOQ of 1,000.

So you will have to buy 1,000 or more straws at a time. Sometimes, the MOQ is suitable for small businesses. However, you must order at least a few thousand straws if you own a large business chain.

2. Delivery And Shipping Time

Understanding the delivery and shipping times is also necessary for ordering bulk straws quickly. Remember some companies may offer a low delivery time but high shipping time. It is better to avoid such wholesalers if you want a quick service.

Delivery time usually extends to five business days or a week. However, the shipping period can be months. You must compare the different times of wholesalers to choose the one that will allow you to get the straws quickly.

One of the ways to reduce shipping time is by ordering from a local wholesaler. This will ensure that the warehouse is in the same region as your business. So you will only have to wait for the delivery time.

3. Compliance And Quality Certifications 

Another way to buy bulk straws quickly is by understanding whether the wholesaler is compliant to industry standards. You must also check the quality certifications of the supplier. These include certifications, such as FDA, SGS, LFGB, FSC, ROHS, and many others to ensure the quality and sustainability of the straw. 

Certifications ensure that you will receive the highest-quality product. Some suppliers may also allow you to visit their warehouse for inspection before placing the bulk order. They may also send you samples of the straws.

Be sure to check the samples and their resistance before finalizing the order. This will allow you to get the straws quickly without financial loss.

Where Can You Buy Bulk Straws Quickly?

Homestraw is a leading manufacturer that will help you buy bulk straws quickly. You can place orders for paper straws, bamboo fiber straws, wheat straws, sugarcane straws, metal straws, and much more from this factory. The best part is that the company supplies its products all over South Asia, Europe, and South America.

The manufacturer also allows you to inspect the straws at their warehouse for quality assurance. So, you can enjoy high flexibility and fast delivery when ordering from Homestraw in no time. 


This is everything you need to know about buying bulk straws quickly. For disposable products, you must invest in paper, sugarcane, and bamboo straws. Meanwhile, PLA straws are suitable for composting. You can also invest in metal straws and sugarcane straws for reusability. 

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