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How to make a reed out of a straw?

This project uses low-cost materials to educate students in grades 6-12 and the general population about acoustics and the science of sound. This is a great choice for diverse groups and budgets. Explanations can be modified depending on the educational background of the target audience. MATERIALS: Plastic soda straws and

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What color straws mean?

It’s easy to understand, with various colored straws indicating different things to the different recipients. It’s true that the straw code is a way to bring businesses to coffee shops, but who wouldn’t spend a fortune on coffee to check out which straw is given to them? The color of

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Are bamboo straws good for the environment

What’s a party without food and drink and other guests? There’s nothing better to entertain you than throwing a party that serves drinks. In serving drinks, you must make use of straws. There’s a wide variety of straws for drinks. Bamboo straws, straws made of glass, straws made from glass

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Are paper straws bad for the environment?

Why is it that it is the paper straws that make them popular with people who want to contribute to protecting the environment? What makes someone try to save resources instead choose something that needs more processing and transport than metal or plastic? The answer might be less self-centred than

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How to clean bamboo straw?

You’ve finally gotten yourself bamboo straws, you’ve enjoyed your first drink and now you’re looking to wash the straws. Bamboo straws are simple to maintain and clean. There are a few items you can include in your routine of cleaning and a great bamboo straw are likely to last for

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Disadvantages of Paper Straws

Paper straws don’t have the same value, performance or experience for users as plastic straws. Cost Paper straws are currently more expensive than straws made from plastic. In addition, the initial price of straws made from paper at present is higher, but also because straws made from paper aren’t as

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Bamboo straw vs Metal straw

Have you ever considered that approximately 170 million plastic straws that are single-use are used daily in the USA by themselves? This is a significant amount of plastic waste that is extremely harmful to the world. Our society is becoming more aware of this problem, which is causing an increased

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How were drinking straws invented?

All over the globe, straws and plastic straws have been debated—one of five colleagues from the plastic marine trash can. Millions of plastic straws are used daily in the United States. They discovered about 7.5 million straws in a five-year remediation project along the US coast. Some may need straws,

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