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5 Knowledge You Need To Know About Bamboo Straws Bulk

Bamboo straw utilization and demand are increasing daily. They have become an inexpensive and best alternative to plastic straws. It depends on your needs and situation and which bamboo straw suits you. You can opt for bamboo straws bulk for cost-effective and long-term use.  Bamboo expands readily and doesn’t require

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How Much Do You Not Know About PLA Straws?

The concerns about using plastic straws have been raised by many scientists and environmental activists. Hundreds of reports, journals, and research papers have been written by them. These research papers show the harmful effect of plastic and plastic straws on the world. Therefore there is an immediate need to switch

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10 Best Places to Buy Straws

The increased variety of drinks has also urged manufacturers to manufacture a wide range of drinking straws. Nowadays, finding the straws to enjoy your favorite drinks is relatively easy. This easiness is because of the availability of bulk straws in the market. They vary greatly in materials, colors, sizes, patterns,

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How Long Do Paper Straws Last?

Many of us are still using single-use plastic straws without thinking twice. Of course, they are, after all, incredibly convenient. However, this consumer behavior is costing us and it is time to make better choices. To help curb the damage, people and businesses are shifting towards using eco-friendly straws. These

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What Kind Of Straws For Cocktails Are Used?

The manufacturing of drinking straws has brought ease in the lives of individuals as they can use them for a wide range of drinks. You can find a variety of drinking straws suitable for drinking different types of cold and hot drinks, juices, smoothies, cocktails, coffee, etc. Each type of

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Where Can You Buy 10 Inch Straws?

Selecting the right size for straws can make or break the drinking experience of your customers. After all, you must ensure that the straw sits comfortably in the drink and allows the customers to have a positive and safe experience. While the standard straw size is 8.5 inches, you can

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