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Silicone Straw,silicone straws

Forget The Plastic Straws,Try The Silicone Straw

Compared with other materials, silicone straw is much safer, which will not harm the internal health of the human body. At the same time, because silica gel has good ductility and bending, there is no need to worry about being swallowed by children, so mothers can rest assured that children can use it. Unlike plastic or metal materials, silica gel will not produce chemicals even when heated. Plastic straws may melt trace toxins into hot drinks, which can make us feel more at ease. Surprisingly, a silicone straw can last for at least five years. Let’s make a calculation. If

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say no to plastic straws

It’s time to say no to plastic straws

With the development of the fast food era, people’s lives have become more and more dependent on plastic straws, plastic straws for cold drinking, plastic straws for coffee, and even beer. Many people also like to use plastic straws. Did you know that it’s just people in the United States? The number of straws used every day is more than 500,000,000. In the past 20 years, people have been accustomed to having plastic straws in every beverage. For the smallest convenience, they have caused extreme harm. Short-lived plastic straws do not last for a long time. After 24 hours, they

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paper straw

Do you think you know about paper straws

How to make paper straws For the sustainable development of the ecological environment, many companies are moving in the direction of environmental protection, and paper straws have gradually become a part of daily life. Last year, many straw manufacturers have begun to provide environmentally friendly, biodegradable glue. I wonder if you are curious about how paper straws are made. If you are interested, please continue to read it. The manufacturing of paper straws is similar to the winding process of other regulated items in some conveniences. There are many such things in our lives: transportation tubes, food packaging bags, etc.

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paper straws

A practical guide to paper straws

According to research reports in recent years, plastic products have produced immeasurable garbage in the ocean. Although there is a lot of rebuttable evidence, people still generally believe that plastic straws are the cause of this result. Due to the wide spread of straws, the usage rate is so high that it may be difficult to completely change this phenomenon. Fortunately, this environmental protection campaign is slowly proceeding. Cities across the United States, such as Washington DC, Seattle, and the entire state of California, have clearly requested that companies no longer provide plastic straws to customers. Everyone is protecting the

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bamboo straws

How to clean bamboo straws

Bamboo straw is a new material straw. Are you curious about how it is cleaned or how to maintain it to make it last longer? This article will teach you how to clean bamboo straws. 1.Rinse the straw after each use The bamboo straws can be used repeatedly, so it needs to be cleaned after each use. You can choose to mix and clean with detergent and warm water. 2. Use the built-in cleaning brush to clean Every straws you buy will be equipped with a coconut shell cleaning brush. Use it to clean the inside of the straw, especially

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bamboo straws

Are bamboo straws safe

Are bamboo straws safe Plastic straws are now common plastic products on the seafloor,because they are not biodegradable, they may be formed step by step even in the future. Plastic particles will release chemicals that harm nature. They are mistakenly regarded as food by marine life and eat it. Fortunately, most people are beginning to accept eco-friendly travel, and one of the easiest eco-friendly behaviors you can do is to use bamboo straws. The bamboo straw is the only straw that has passed the US Department of Agriculture’s health and safety and 100% organic certification. This straw is created by nature, and

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bamboo straws

Getting started with bamboo straws

How are bamboo straws made Hey, have you ever heard of bamboo straws? Are you curious about how bamboo straws are made and what their taste is. This article will take you closer to bamboo straws and learn some details about bamboo straws. Bamboo straws are by-products derived from bamboo stems. The production process is also very simple. First, cut the bamboo to the required length, and then put them in the sun for a few days. When the stems are completely dry, you can move them to the machine to give them “beauty”. To make them smaller and smoother.

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The development history of straws you don’t know

If you search in Google’s search bar for“who invented drinking straws”, there is a high probability that Marvin Stone will pop up on Google, but historians have discovered that the emergence of drinking straws can be traced back to 7000 years ago. In the Sumerian frescoes, we can find that the nobles at that time used a long object to drink beer. In later tombs, many drinking straws made of metal and gems were also found. In the eyes of historians, this was the first drinking straws to appear. In ancient China, there were also “drinking straws”. In the poem “Send from

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Silicone Straw,silicone straws

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