3 Natural Straws You Should Consider

(Last Updated On: March 6, 2023)

The efficient use of straws has automatically made drinking easier. Millions of people use various varieties of drinking straws daily. We cannot deny that they have brought ease to much extent, but choosing the wrong drinking straws can be alarming for your health and the environment.

For example, plastic straws are an arising global problem as they contain plastic that has hazardous effects on both human health and the surrounding environment. Therefore, it is commonly recommended to use natural straws because they lack toxic materials and chemicals. They contain natural materials only and are ideal to use in restaurants, hotels, coffee shops, cafes, and different bars. 

If you are unaware of the harmful impacts of plastic straws, then it is the perfect place for you. Let’s discuss natural drinking straws in detail.

What is the Possibility of Replacing Plastic Straws with Natural Straws?

We know that non-recyclable, single-use plastic straws are causing immeasurable devastation to our land, water bodies, and even their consumers. The major reason behind this fact is the microplastics present in plastic straws. When one uses these straws for drinking, one may ingest these microplastics. They may cause severe health issues after entering the body.

Plastic straws contribute greatly to the world’s challenging issue, i.e., global warming, by enhancing land pollution. They remain unaffected in the soil and cannot undergo breakdown by tiny organisms on land. Consequently, it leads to their accumulation which causes landfills. In addition, they emit harmful gasses whenever they are burnt, resulting in air pollution. 

Plastic straws are also threatening marine life. Microplastics accumulate in the water. When fishes eat them, considering their food, they block their air passageways leading to their death. In addition, they are causing water pollution. Some notable possibilities are replacing harmful and life-threatening plastic straws with biodegradable and eco-friendly natural straws.

Why do People Still Use Plastic Straws?

Plastic straws have been the most common type of straw used for many years. They serve drinking purposes in almost all countries because of their production on a large scale. But many studies and research have revealed that these drinking straws contain microplastic that can cause immeasurable damage to consumers’ health and environment. Therefore many countries have banned the use of these harmful straws. 

But, in many countries, people still use plastic straws to enjoy their drinks. The reason behind this can be the less cost of these drinking straws. These straws are available at a lower price than other straws, so they may find them affordable. Moreover, they have negligible weight and are easily available, which can be a reason behind their extensive use.

The major reason behind their extraordinary use can be the lack of knowledge about their harm to humans. The percentage of illiteracy is still inestimable throughout the world. People don’t have enough information to help them avoid such harmful plastic items. 

Therefore, they may keep using them without knowing they disturb their internal functioning and contribute to land and marine pollution. The government should take essential steps to make people aware side effects of plastic items, including plastic straws. They should strictly ban the use of these straws to prevent any incalculable destruction.

Types of Natural Straws:

Before discussing the types of natural straws, let’s glimpse what they are. Natural straws are biodegradable and eco-friendly straws manufactured using natural materials. There is no interference of any harmful chemicals in their manufacturing. They have no harmful effects on their consumers and the surrounding environment.

A wide range of companies is manufacturing different types of natural straws worldwide. These straws are rapidly replacing single-use plastic straws and are easily available in the market. Let us discuss the most common types of natural drinking straws.

1-Bamboo Drinking Straws:

Bamboo straws are the perfect alternative straws that are being used instead of plastic straws. Bamboo straws are manufactured by using natural bamboo plants. These straws are free from harmful chemicals and contain natural materials. They show high durability and can be used several times.

Advantages of Bamboo Straws:

The advantages of bamboo straws are as follows:


The bamboo straws have greater strength as they are made from strong bamboo material. It adds durability to these straws, making them highly durable. So, they are best if you want to taste your favorite drink regularly.


The main advantage of bamboo straw is its cost-effectiveness. Bamboo straws are available at reasonable prices, which vary with the brand’s quality. The money you spend on straws is less than the amount you spend on plastic straws for a lifetime.

Long-Lasting and Reusable:

Bamboo straws are reusable and can last long if kept with care. They also save money by purchasing straws again and again.


Bamboo straws are biodegradable as they are made with natural resources without using any harmful chemicals which can destroy the earth. These straws can be decomposed within 4 to 6 months, which is good for the environment. 

Chemical Free:

Bamboo straws are produced with bamboo without using any harmful chemicals which can affect human health. So you can use these straws without worrying about ingesting any chemicals with your drinks.

Suitable for Hot and Cold Drinks:

Bamboo straws remain unaffected by the hotness and coldness of the drink. Your lips will not burn out by drinking hot drinks as these straws do not absorb heat. You can ideally enjoy all types of drinks.

Disadvantages of Bamboo Straws:

The disadvantages of bamboo straws are as follows:

They Slightly Affect the Taste of the Drink:

By using and cleaning several times, the upper layer of the bamboo straw starts to damage, which affects the taste of your drink, and will bother you.

Difficult Cleaning:

Cleaning the bamboo straws is difficult as they are made from bamboo plants. They may get damaged while cleaning. Moreover, there are more chances of sticking the brush inside straws during the cleaning, causing their breakage.

Shape and Thickness:

The shape and thickness of the bamboo straws are suitable for something other than thick drinks such as smoothies. Their internal diameter is small, disallowing the concentrated liquids to pass through them. You can’t manage the shape of these straws according to your glass or cup. 

2-Wheat Straws:

Wheat straws are natural drinking straws manufactured from the stem of the wheat plant. Their manufacturing process is quite simple and does not require the involvement of any factory or chemicals. After the harvesting of the wheat plant, the stem is left behind. The farmers collect this leftover stem for the sake of making wheat straws. Then the cutting of the stem is done according to the size needed for the straw.

Ultimately, they undergo a sterilization process to make them ready to use as drinking straws. Their sterilization is done using special ovens and boiling water. After sterilization, they are packed and used worldwide for various tasty drinks.

Advantages of Wheat Drinking Straws:

Wheat drinking straws offer the following appreciable advantages.

Suitable for Hot and Cold Drinks:

There is no restriction for using wheat drinking straws for definite types of hot and cold drinks. You can drink all types of hot and cold drinks using wheat straws. They are designed in such a way that they withstand even higher temperatures and do not deform and get soggy. Moreover, they don’t absorb heat. So, keeping them in a hot drink for a long time doesn’t make them hot. Thus it automatically prevents mouth injury creating a fun drinking environment.


One of the admirable benefits of wheat drinking straws is that they lack toxic chemicals and allergens like gluten. They are gluten-free and do not contain even a trace amount of gluten. Thus, folks susceptible to gluten can fearlessly use wheat drinking even regularly without an allergic reaction.

Biodegradable & Compostable:

Wheat drinking straws offer greater biodegradability. After several times of use, you can throw them away without worrying about their accumulation. They are degraded by microorganisms such as bacteria. These tiny organisms break them into pieces, disappearing from the land. In short, they don’t contribute to increased land pollution. 

Smooth and Shiny:

The outer surface of the wheat straws is smooth and shiny. It automatically makes their outer surface attractive. The shinier surface also increases their demand in the market and drinking shops.

Free of Residues and Inks:

The outer surface of wheat straws is not layered with any ink. So, no ink is mixed with your drinks when you put them in. The same is the case with the residues. Thus, it helps you to enjoy your drink without changing its taste.


It is the most notable benefit of wheat drinking straws. It is observed that most drinking straws, such as wheat straws, undergo deformation whenever they are kept in a liquid such as water. Unlike these straws, wheat straws show high water resistance. It means that they remain unaffected no matter how long you keep them in water. They will not deform and will not disappoint you at any cost.

Disadvantages of Wheat Drinking Straws:

Here are the common disadvantages of wheat drinking straws.

Smaller Diameter:

The diameter of the wheat straws is smaller than that of the other straws because of the small diameter of the wheat stem. This diameter makes these straws unsuitable for concentrated drinks such as smoothies. Such drinks may need help in passing through these straws. If you are thinking of drinking a concentrated drink, it is better to invest in straws with large diameters.

Can be Broken:

No doubt, wheat straws are strong and don’t break easily. But mishandling can result in losing their functionality. They will break if you pinch them too hard. Therefore, it is always recommended to grab them softly to prevent any damage.


The major drawback of wheat drinking straws is their high cost. They are more expensive than most straws, such as paper straws. Investing in more wheat-drinking straws may affect your overall budget. 

3-Reed Drinking Straws:

As the name suggests, Reed drinking straws are directly manufactured from the reed plant and are excellent alternatives to single-use plastic straws. They are the stem of the reed plant that undergo appropriate cutting by hand and a sterilization process. Warm water is used for sterilization purposes. They are 100% natural straws and don’t need any specialized machines for their manufacturing. As they are organic, they contain no toxic purposes. They are perfect drinking straws for all drinking purposes.

Advantages of Reed Drinking Straws:

The advantages of the reed drinking straws are discussed below.

Greater Strength and Durability:

The material of the reed straws, i.e., a reed, is considered the cousin of the bamboo plant, specifically known for its greater strength. Thus, the reed straws also possess higher strength, resulting in greater durability. Moreover, being stronger, they don’t break easily. These characteristics ensure the long-term functioning of the reed drinking straws.

Natural and Biodegradable:

Reed straws are made with a natural reed plant which confirms their biodegradability. Like other natural straws, they also disappear from land after disposal due to the reaction of microorganisms. In this way, they do not cause landfills and are not involved in causing land and air pollution.

Lightweight & Portable:

The reed drinking straws are lightweight, which makes their handling easy. Moreover, they are portable, so you can also easily carry them anywhere. Due to their lightweight nature, they can be perfectly used by people of all ages, even kids:


Non-sogginess is the key advantage that makes these straws worth buying. They retain their shape in all types of liquid and do not deform. So, whenever you use them for your drink, you will not feel any changes in their shape. It promotes the smooth flow of the liquid without interruption and helps you enjoy your drinks.


If you are tired of buying straws again and again and looking for reusable options, then you can go for reed drinking straws. Unlike plastic straws, you can reuse them several times for drinking your favorite drink without releasing cellular fibers in your drinks or beverages. If you want to reuse them, you need to do a proper cleaning. Do cleaning after using them and forget to buy another straw for many days.

Dishwasher Safe:

Reed drinking straws are dishwasher safe. You can safely wash these straws in the dishwasher without worrying about damaging them. Washing them will remove the liquid from the internal side, ensuring their long-lasting working.

Withstand Higher Temperatures:

Reed drinking straws are ideal for hot drinks. They don’t get hot while putting them in a hot drink such as coffee as they can withstand temperatures over 120 Celsius. It also avoids the burning of your lips or tongue.

Disadvantages of Reed Drinking Straws:

The disadvantages of the reed drinking straws are mentioned below.

Available in Limited Sizes and Colors:

There is no wide variety of sizes and colors in the reed straws. They are mostly found in simple and natural colors. The reason is that they are not a good option for colorful events or festivities.

May have Natural Pigmentation:

The reed straws are not treated with inks but may have natural pigmentation. In rare cases, this pigmentation may bring negligible color changes in your drink. 

Cannot be Standardized:

Non-standardization is the biggest disadvantage of reed drinking straws. We know that these straws are made by cutting the stem of a reed plant. Thus, it left them with no option for standardization. 

Where can you Buy Natural Straws?

Buying natural straws is relatively easy because you can find them in your local markets. Many companies are also manufacturing these straws on a large scale. But they vary in terms of their qualities. Finding a company or manufacturer that offers high-quality straws can be quite challenging.

Homestraw has satisfied its customers with its excellent quality natural straws. We have a wide range of natural straws so you can buy your favorite ones in a single place. We are a certified and FDA-approved natural straw manufacturer and you can trust us to find all types of natural straws. We offer natural straws at reasonable prices to maintain the trust of our customers. Invest in our biodegradable natural straws to experience the best purchase ever. 


Natural straws are replacing plastic straws because of their unmatched destruction. Natural straws are biodegradable, recyclable, and environmentally friendly with no hazardous effects and are made with renewable natural material. They are classified into different types: bamboo straws, wheat straws, reed straws, etc. No matter what type of natural straws you are using, you only contribute to saving your health, environment, and marine life. 

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