Where Can You Buy Stretch Wrap Rolls?

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Stretch wrap rolls, sometimes referred to as stretch film or pallet wrap, are common packing materials made to secure and safeguard items during storage, transit, and shipping. Their material is a thin, flexible plastic film, usually composed of polyethylene, that can be stretched to give stability and firmly connect objects.

What is Stretch Wrap, and what are its Functions?

Stretch wrap is a highly flexible plastic material used for wrapping and fastening goods for shipment, storage, kitchen usage, and transportation. To accommodate diverse packing demands, it is generally composed of polyethylene resin and comes in a variety of widths, sizes, thicknesses, and formulas.

some of their main functions are:

  1. Load Stability is one of the main purposes of stretch wrap. Stretch wrap ensures that goods stay safe and undamaged throughout handling and transit by firmly packing them together to avoid shifting, tipping, or collapsing of palletized loads.
  2. Stretch wrap helps to keep packed goods clean and secure during storage and transportation by serving as a barrier against dust, and debris. Delicate or fragile things are less likely to be damaged because of their level of impact resistance and cushioning.
  3. By combining several items into a single, unified unit, stretch wrap enables unitization. In addition to maximizing space utilization and lowering the possibility of lost or missing objects, this makes it easier to handle, stack, and store goods.
  4. By wrapping and securing packed items with an additional layer of protection, stretch roll helps prevent tampering and unauthorized access. Ensuring the integrity and security of materials during transit is crucial, especially for valuable or delicate objects.
  5. This film roll makes handling and transporting things safer and simpler by bundling and stabilizing components into a single unit. Enhancing workplace safety and efficiency lowers the likelihood of accidents and injuries resulting from loose or unstable burdens.
  6. The stretch roll helps to keep things packaged and organized during storage and transit, which gives inventory control and visibility. In addition to streamlining inventory management procedures and guaranteeing precise stock levels, this also makes it simpler to trace and identify shipments.
  7. Compared to other techniques like strapping or boxing, stretch wrap provides more affordable packing options. Due to its low material requirements, lightweight design, and superior load confinement, it improves transportation efficiency and lowers the cost of packing materials.
  8. As a result of its capacity to offer stability, protection, unitization, tamper resistance, better handling, inventory control, and cost savings, stretch roll is an essential component of contemporary packing and logistics. Packing materials are critical to a variety of industries, such as manufacturing, distribution, retail, and e-commerce, due to their adaptability and efficiency.
  9. Because of the outstanding clarity of our cling film, buyers can view the contents of wrapped objects with ease. Clarity is important when storing fresh vegetables or covering leftovers.
  10. The film roll is perfect for covering big trays or wrapping irregularly shaped products because of its great stretchability. It sticks firmly without ripping, guaranteeing thorough covering.
  11. A top concern is safety. Because cling film is composed of food-grade polyethylene (PE), it won’t contaminate the meals it covers with dangerous materials.
  12. The environment is important to us. Because our cling film is entirely reusable, less plastic waste is produced, encouraging sustainability. These cling films may be used for several things.
  13. They maintain the freshness of fruits, vegetables, and leftovers and also preserve boxes, pallets, and other items for safe transportation. We can also use them to wrap sandwiches or to cover dishes and plates.
  14. Mostly rolls of cling film or scratch wrap are packaged in handy dispenser boxes, which simplify usage for both residential and business purposes.

Some Companies to Buy Stretch Wrap Rolls

1- Kaixiang Packaging:

Kaixiang Packaging is a renowned manufacturer and supplier that has provided high-quality stretch wrap rolls for 10 years. It is located in Luzhong, China, and covers an area of 20,000 square meters. The packing items are manufactured and supplied under the supervision of an experienced technical team and scientific research personnel that ensures the production of high-quality stuff.

The main categories of its packing stuff include a wide range of different types of stretch wrap, stretch film, and tape. These goods, including stretch wrap rolls, are exported to other provinces in America, Europe, and Southeast Asia. It is leading the competition by offering excellent customer service and timely delivery of ordered products.

2- Kingchuan Packaging:

Kingchuan has been working since 1992 and specializes in manufacturing and supplying high-quality goods, including stretch film rolls. The company specifically focuses on providing the best packing goods manufactured through reliable manufacturing processes. Additionally, it has garnered huge admiration by providing biodegradable, recyclable, and eco-friendly materials.

Its key packing goods include stretch film rolls, cling film rolls, BOOP film, BOPET Film, BOPA Film, Aluminum Foil, CPP Film, and other materials. It offers customization options so the customers can get their desired goods without hassle. It provides 24-hour service to its customers and packages items at a flexible cost.

3- Wuxi Jiayou Packaging Materials Co., Ltd:

Wuxi Jiayou Packaging Materials Co., Ltd is China’s latest-tech material manufacturer and has been working for 1 year. The production of the products is efficiently managed by a highly skilled and qualified production team. The company operates with high speed, 4 lines, and 8 sets of recused equipment. Its daily output is 20 tons, and it has partnerships with 6000 customers. 

The main items supplied by the company include stretch foil, stretch wrap, stretch film hand roll, stretch film mini roll, stretch film jumbo roll, stretch film machine roll, and colored serials stretch films. With experience in R&D, it fulfills the demands of its clients by manufacturing items and adopting advanced technologies. It ensures quick response and delivery of the packaging items in 1-3 days.

4- Homestraw

Homestraw typically specializes in producing various types of stretch film rolls used for packaging and securing goods on pallets during transportation and storage. The company offers customization options such as film thickness, width, and length to meet the specific needs of customers and their packaging requirements.

We manufacture cling film rolls, scratch film rolls of various thicknesses, and eco-friendly options. Experience the difference with our durable and easy-to-use cling film rolls. Contact us today to place your order and elevate your food preservation needs.

Our cling film rolls are manufactured using premium quality materials that ensure durability and strength. We provide a large selection of thickness choices to accommodate various requirements and tastes. Because of their exceptional cling qualities, our cling film rolls are perfect for efficiently sealing and preserving food products. They are also safe to use in the microwave, making it easy to reheat food without moving it to a different container.

Our cling film rolls are made with ease in mind; they are simple to use and rip, giving consumers a hassle-free experience. We provide sustainable solutions for eco-aware customers with eco-friendly cling film roll options.

5- Jiangyin Haoxuan Aluminum Foil Adhesive Products Co, Ltd:

Jiangyin Haoxuan Aluminum Foil Adhesive Products Co., Ltd started in 1985 and specialized in producing various materials, including stretch wrap rolls. Its original name is Jiangyin Biaotie Material Factory Co., which covers an area of 40,000 square meters. Its stuff is manufactured through advanced production machinery and equipment, including packing, cutting, rewinding, coating, laminating, printing, paper tube machines, glue machines, etc.

The main categories of its goods include stretch rolls, adhesive tapes, transparent film, release paper, adhesive machines, and composite aluminum foil film rolls. RoHS, SGS, UL, ISO 9001:2008, and other authentications have certified its packing stuff. It exports products to 90% of the countries, including the Middle East, Russia, North America, Japan, and others. It offers exceptional before-sale and after-sale services with quick response within 12 hours of inquiry.

6-GO Packaging Group:

With 24 years of experience, GO Packaging Group is considered a globally recognized manufacturer specializing in manufacturing and exporting packing materials. It has a high production capacity and is known for producing 80 tons of LLDPE stretch film-film jumbo rolls daily. Its items are manufactured and managed by talented manufacturer teams. After manufacturing, goods undergo a rigorous inspection to ensure accuracy and supreme quality.

Its main items include LLDPE stretch film roll, packing tape, PP strapping, and industry tape. Its packing goods successfully meet international standards and pass ISO9001;2008 certification. It exports 70% of its products to more than 50 countries, including Africa, Southeast Asia, Australia, South America, Europe, Canada, South Korea, Japan, America, and other regions. It provides superior-quality products at highly competitive rates. 

The Dimensions and Product Quality of the Stretch Wrapping Rolls.

Stretch Film Rolls: Dimensions & Material

To meet the demands of various items, stretch wrap rolls are offered in various dimensions. Typical dimensions consist of:


Typically, stretch film rolls have a breadth of three to twenty inches or greater. The width should be chosen depending on the dimension of the objects to be wrapped and the required amount of coverage. For example, bigger items or full pallets can be wrapped in broader rolls, while smaller things can be bundled in narrower rolls or utilized to reinforce palletized loads’ edges.


Stretch film rolls come in lengths as per client requirement. Companies manufacture as customer demand and how many wraps a single load may receive before the roll runs out depends on its length. Because they minimize the need for frequent roll changes and downtime, longer rolls are recommended for higher-volume packing processes or bigger shipments.

Thickness (Gauge):

Stretch rolls are offered in a range of gauges. Between 60 and 120 gauge are common thicknesses; larger gauge values indicate thicker and stronger film. A stretch film roll that is thicker is more suited for heavy or unevenly shaped cargo since it offers superior burden stability. But for lower weights, thinner stretch roll still offers sufficient protection but is more flexible and economical.

Aspects of Quality to Take Into Account:

If you want to buy stretch rolls that will work as well as possible, you must think about the product’s quality. Crucial elements of quality to assess are:


The kind of material utilized and how it is made will decide the stretch film’s quality. As virgin polyethylene resin guarantees uniformity, strength, and clarity, it is usually used to make high-quality stretch rolls. Stretch wrap of lower grade might have additives or recycled materials, reducing its durability and functionality.


Clear stretch roll items are perfect for inventory management and monitoring since they improve packed items visibility and barcode scanning. The clarity and transparency of high-quality stretch wrap are preserved during the wrapping process, free from any cloudiness or distortion that might impair vision.

Tear Resistance

To endure the rigors of handling transit, stretch wrap rolls must have exceptional tear resistance. Strong stretch wrap is designed to withstand rips, abrasions, and tears, keeping the loaded cargo safe and secure throughout transportation.


Maintaining adequate shipment containment and stability requires stretch wrap that is both flexible and strong. To sustain tension without drooping or slackening, the high-quality stretch wrap must have constant stretchability and memory to adhere closely to the contour of the burden. Due to its great stretchability, stretch wrap rolls may take on the contour of the objects they are wrapping and still maintain a tight, solid grip. Stretch wrap’s ability to flex helps shield packaged items from movement, shifting, and damage while in transportation.

Firmly Clingness

Stretch wrap should be able to cling to itself and the wrapped objects firmly enough to maintain its adherence. Good stretch wrap film has outstanding cling qualities, so extra tapes or adhesives are not needed to keep the layers firmly together.

It is important to consider dimensions alternatives and quality variables when choosing stretch wrap rolls to ensure the product fulfills all specifications and performs dependably. Businesses can make well-informed selections and invest in premium solutions that provide the best possible protection, stability, and affordability by assessing the stretch wrap rolls’ width, thickness, material, clarity, stretchability, and stickiness.

Kinds of Stretch Wrap

Hand Stretch Wrap: 

This type of stretch film is intended for manual application. The product is available in several widths and thicknesses to meet a range of packing requirements. Stores, distribution centres, and warehouses frequently utilize hand stretch wrap, which works well for wrapping pallets and small to medium-sized objects.

Stretch Wrap Machines

They are designed to automate the wrapping process, resulting in more productivity and efficiency. This type of stretch wrap is called machine stretch wrap. Better cargo containment and greater stretchability are made possible by machine stretch wrap, which is often stronger and thinner than manual stretch wrap. Manufacturing plants and distribution hubs, for example, frequently employ it for large-scale packing processes.

Coloured Stretch Film:

For aesthetic or organizational needs, colored stretch wrap is offered in a range of colours, including black, blue, red, and green. Stretch wrap with colour may improve branding, provide specific handling requirements, and enable pallets and shipments be distinguished from one another.

Anti Static stretchWrapping Roll

Stretch wrap that resists static electricity accumulation is called anti-static stretch wrap, and it’s good for packing electronic parts, delicate machinery, and items that are easily damaged by static electricity. When storing and transporting delicate goods, anti-static stretch wrap helps shield them from electrostatic discharge (ESD).

Important Attributes and Advantages:

During handling and transportation, stretch wrap rolls assist keep loads from moving, toppling, or collapsing by firmly bundling and stabilizing goods together. This protects the people engaged in the transportation process as well as the packaged items.

Stretch wrap helps to keep packed goods neat and undamaged during storage and transportation by acting as a barrier against dust, moisture, and debris. It also provides a certain amount of impact resistance and cushioning, lowering the possibility of breaking delicate or fragile objects.

Compared to other packing options like strapping or boxed, stretch wrap rolls are more economical. Because of their low material requirements, lightweight, and superior load confinement, they increase transportation efficiency and save money on packing materials.


Stretch wrap rolls are frequently used for palletizing and unitizing items for shipping. Palletized goods are secured and consolidated into a single, sturdy unit by applying them around them. This makes handling and transportation simpler.

Stretch wrap rolls are necessary for inventory organization and protection in warehouses and distribution centers. In addition to optimizing storage capacity and inventory visibility, they aid in preventing dust collection, moisture damage, and theft.

Stretch wrap rolls are frequently used to wrap and safeguard furniture, appliances, and other bulky objects during home or business relocation. They give a firm grip without scratching or leaving behind residue.

Stretch wrap rolls are adaptable and essential packing supplies used in various sectors to stabilize, secure, and protect items during shipment, storage, and transit. Stretch wrap rolls come in various varieties and characteristics, making them an affordable and practical option for a wide range of requirements.

Summing Up

Are you trying to find premium rolls of cling film with the best cling qualities and convenience? There’s no need to search further. Select our manufacturing firm for an extensive range of thicknesses, sizes, and environmentally friendly choices.

Discover the distinction with our dependable and user-friendly cling film rolls. To place your purchase and improve your meals preservation demands, contact us right now; for high-quality cling film rolls with superior cling properties and convenience, we are the best one to partner with.

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