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Where Can You Buy Paper Drinking Straws Bulk Of Various Colors?

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Drinking straws – you’ll always find a pack in some drawer at home and you’ll never find a restaurant business without one. The restaurant and hotel business would perhaps find themselves lost if drinking straws were to vanish because let’s be honest, no one wants to put their mouth to a glass anymore unless you’re drinking champagne.

In recent years, the face of the drinking straw manufacturing industry has changed. With people becoming more conscious of the environment and climate change by the day, businesses are left with no choice but to focus on sustainable practices. One such sustainable practice that you’ll have observed across the globe is the switch from plastic drinking straws to more eco-friendly options like paper. 

Paper Straws Make The World Go Round 

Since the dawn of time wood has been at our service. First, allowing our ancestors to warm themselves up and cook their hunt by burning it, all the way up till now to us cutting it up to make paper – and oh what a god-send item paper is. 

Paper makes the world go round. This simple item is versatile enough to be used in every industry of the world, educational, law, financial, real estate, medical – you name it and you’ll find paper there. Not only is its functionality unmatchable but what makes it such a viable option for utility is its availability and that is due to where it is sourced from – trees.

Paper’s availability makes it highly economical too. So, from sourcing it to using it as a raw material, there aren’t very hefty prices to incur. However, perhaps the best trait of paper is that it is incredibly sustainable and environmentally friendly. 

Paper Is Sustainable 

So, let’s look at the facts, shall we? Paper is made from wood and wood is what we know to be a natural and renewable resource. Of course, paper is known to be a more refined version of wood. Therefore, paper is biodegradable, which means that when your customers discard colored paper straws in the trash, the paper with disintegrate and degrade on its own, eventually returning back to the earth. That will surely make them feel guilt-free, which isn’t the case with plastic straws. 

Paper is also recyclable, so, it can be given to recycling plants which can then make use of the already-used paper by recycling it. So, your customer, who you offer a drink to with a colored paper straw in it can actually feel like they did a good thing and gave back to the environment. 

Now that seems like a win-win deal for all – the paper drinking straw producer and supplier, your business, and your end customer. Within no time, you will have built a loyal customer base that continues to dine with you because of your sustainable practices. 

Paper Straws Are A Win For All

At its forefront, sustainability seems to be the best advantage of colored paper straws. However, that is of course, within the mind of the end consumer aka the customer sitting at your restaurant. Any business owner would understand that with the inner business operations and costs, it is best to keep your costs to a minimum. 

At this point you might think, why would you need to choose paper drinking straws over plastic ones? Well, as we have mentioned already, consumer behavior has begun to change in favor of more sustainable options for drinking straws and the authorities are following suit. 

In fact, according to a report published by the United Nations, 14 percent of the countries across the world have already either completely banned or put restrictions on the use of single-use plastic items. This category includes any plastic item that is used just once and discarded after, which includes cups, plates, stirrers, cutlery, and most importantly, drinking straws. 

With such a significant number of countries taking such stringent measures, it is highly likely that we will be observing more and more countries following in these footsteps. So, rather than having to switch over in a hurry and getting stuck with an unreliable paper drinking straw supplier, it is better for businesses to make an informed decision beforehand. 

Paper Straws Are More Cost Efficient Than Other Plastic Straw Alternatives

Of course, we have to address the elephant in the room. Only paper straws do not exist as an alternative to plastic straws. Here is a list of them: 

The main reason why paper drinking straws are the best option out of all alternatives is that they are more economically viable due to the simple manufacturing process as opposed to other options that require longer manufacturing timelines, such as metal and glass straws. Thus, paper straws have a lower cost per unit. 

Where You Can Buy Paper Drinking Straws Of Different Styles For Your Store

Paper drinking straws come in a variety of styles. You’ve got colored paper straws, plain, thin, thick, long, bent, and all other kinds of straws each with its own unique needs and use. The best part is that Wuxi Sujiadaling Decoration Packaging Co. Ltd. offers most of them. So, check out our store to purchase the best quality paper drinking straws of various colors in bulk. 

Plain Disposable Paper Drinking Straws 

An image of the plain white and brown paper drinking straws manufactured and sold by Wuxi Sujiadaling Decoration Packaging Co. Ltd.

One type of paper straw that is available at our store is the plain disposable paper drinking straw. 

Product Details 

  • Price per unit depending on customization needs 
  • Each straw has a diameter of 12 mm
  • Minimum order quantity of 100,000 pieces
  • Each straw is a single-use straw and is fully biodegradable
  • Constructed using a singular sheet of paper that has been wound up to form long drinking straws.
  • Each end of the straw is of a different shape. To ensure the safety of customers, the drinking end is straight, while the other end is cut in a diagonal shape. The sturdiness of the straw along with a diagonal edge allows the straw to be used with a cup cover. The customers would only have to pierce the cover using the diagonal edge and they would be good to go. The diameter also allows for these paper drinking straws to be used with drinks with boba in them, which is all the rage nowadays.
An image of a girl holding a drink with a sealed cover and a straw pierced through it

These plain straws, when ordered, will arrive to you in either the color white or brown. The neutral tone allows these straws to be used for all occasions. So, for example, if you are running a catering service, you can order these straws in bulk beforehand and continue to use them for all types of events. 

The greatest advantage of ordering plain paper drinking straws is that you can customize these straws to have any design of your liking, which is a service that Wuxi Sujiadaling Decoration Packaging offers. Wuxi offers on-demand customization services, provides samples of the customized straw, and will work with any design that you might have in mind. 

So, if you are planning on launching a themed event at your store or bakeries, then the ability to customize would be the perfect reason to order these plain disposable paper straws now. In fact, you can even customize these plain straws with your company’s logo or brand colors. This will help improve your brand equity by improving brand recognition and associating your brand with sustainable practices. 

All straws delivered will arrive with individual wrapping, which allows you to maintain the hygiene of your straw inventory at all times, from shipping to storage. The best part is that due to the plain nature of these straws, they have an incredibly fast delivery time. The fastest order has been shipped after only 5 days of order placement with complete personal information and payment. 

Multi-colored Striped Paper Drinking Straws 

Planning on making an impression with some fun and colorful paper drinking straws? Look no further than our multi-color striped paper straws.

Product Details 

  • Price per unit depending on order quantity 
  • Minimum order quantity of 100 pieces
  • Disposable and biodegradable 
  • Fastest delivery time: 15 days after order placement and payment
  • These straws feature the standard length and shape of a straw perfect for drinking milkshakes out of and therefore, have a diameter of more than 0.2 inches
  • Each straw has one white strip all throughout twisted and combined with a fun and vibrant solid color. This design is particularly popular with catering businesses, bakeries, coffee shops, and milkshake parlors, and are even a staple for retail stores. 

The major advantage of the multi color paper drinking straw is its eye-catching design, which can easily be customized with any color that you desire. The colorful stripes allow these paper straws to fit into any theme, whether it is a particular holiday or an event like a child’s birthday. So, if you’re in the event planning business these straws are a must-have in your inventory. 

Due to its use of a thick material, which is first safely colored with your choice of color, these straws are particularly sturdy and do not disintegrate or unravel in the drink immediately. They are able to retain their vivid color pattern even after being submerged in both thin and thick liquids, such as soda and milkshakes. 

The fun and colorful design allows these straws to make any boring drink, such as a simple glass of milk, incredibly fun for kids to drink. These straws are also quite popular in arts and crafts projects. This is why they are one of the most popular choices of paper straws that customers purchase at retail stores and a must-have for any business owner of a retail outlet of essential items and party supplies. 

A christmas tree ornament made using a multi color paper drinking straw

Hot Stamped Gold Foil Paper Drinking Straws 

Maximize your impact at any event with these gold foil multi-colored paper drinking straws. 

An image of pink, white, and gold foil multi-colored paper drinking straws

As eye-catching as this image is, the gold foil striped straws made of paper are much more mesmerizing in real life. 

Product Details 

  • Price per unit depending on your customization needs.
  • Weight per unit: 0.1 kg
  • Minimum order quantity: 10,000 pieces
  • The hot stamped gold foil paper straws can be customized according to your design needs. Therefore, all customers can choose the color of the foil, for example, gold, rose gold, and even silver. The solid color used to create the stripe with can also be customized with the color of your choice. 
  • Due to the high-quality raw material used and state-of-the-art equipment, your chosen solid color will always show up with high levels of vibrancy. To make your pack of gold foil straws even more funky, you can choose between different designs, such as stripes, polka dots, zig-zag lines, and more. 
  • The gold foil placed on the paper drinking straw is completely safe for consumption and these straws have been approved by the FDA. With the safe application process of using hot stamping equipment and techniques, the foil is bonded onto the paper drinking straw. So, it is perfectly safe to be used with drinks. However, it is best that these straws be used with cold drinks rather than hot ones. 

The gold foil straws are ideally used at parties and themed events. In fact, apart from birthday parties, you’ll even find such gold foil paper straws being used at wedding events, such as engagement parties or a wedding reception. They help give a flair of festivity without overwhelming customers. These straws are the perfect combination of eye-catching and classy. 

Gold foil paper straws decorated with a DIY gold ring for an engagement party

Additionally, they can also be used in high-end cafes and milkshake parlors. Due to their long length and relatively thinner diameter, these straws should ideally be used with drinks, such as soda, milk, cocktails, cold coffee, and more. 

Apart from party events, like other colorful paper straws, these straws make for a great addition to straw inventory at retail stores – one of the many reasons why businesses should order these straws in bulk. This particular design of straw is also quite popular with bakeries across the globe. 

One Piece Biodegradable Paper Drinking Straw in Three Different Styles

The quintessential straw that works for everyone, everywhere, and every occasion – these one piece biodegradable long paper drinking straws are a great choice for any business owner. 

Product Details 

  • These one piece drop-in biodegradable paper drinking straws come in three different styles, which include plain white straws, colored striped straws, and true brown straws with an edge for piercing. 
  • Each straw is available in four different dimensions; 6 mm * 200 mm, 8 mm * 200 mm, 10 mm * 200 mm, and 12 mm * 230 mm
  • Price per unit: ¥0.03 ~ ¥0.13. The price varies according to the straw type and the dimensions you choose. The shorter and thinner the straw, the lower the price per unit will be. 

Surely striped straws make an impact and are much more memorable. However, white plain straws and true brown straws come with their own set of advantages courtesy of their neutrality. 

Neutral straws are highly versatile as they can complement any kind of event or restaurant theme. They get the job done without attracting too much attention away from much more important aspects, such as the flavor of the drink. They’re also great to hand out with juice boxes at a party to all the children present. 

However, if you have some specific idea in mind, you can easily communicate your customization needs. Apart from, of course, the logo and branding added on, you can even get the personal information of your business, such as the online website or your email printed on these neutral straws.  With the creative process in your hand, neutral paper drinking straws might be your best option if you have a very specific idea in mind for your restaurant or cafe. 

About The Manufacturer

Established in 1998, Wuxi Sujiadaling Decoration Packaging Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer that believes in sustainable practices and therefore, produces only biodegradable cutlery products, which include but isn’t limited to the following: 

  • Bamboo fiber straws
  • Paper straws
  • Reed straws
  • Wheat straw straws

With extensive manufacturing factories in Xiaofeng Village, Qianqiao, Huishan District, and other regions of China, along with FDA certification for its products, Wuxi Sujiadaling Packaging Company has every capability to handle bulk orders of biodegradable straws and deliver them in a timely fashion across the globe. 

In fact, you can visit this online website to view their store which has all of their items listed on there and ready to be ordered. The order process is incredibly quick. In fact, for some of their items, once you have provided your business’s personal information and payment, it only takes 5 days for them to ship your order. 

Apart from FDA-approved and quality-assured products, Wuxi Sujiadaling Packaging Company goes above and beyond to ensure that their customers receive the best possible product for which they offer a variety of services, which include: 

  • Customization services where the client can order a sample of the finished product before placing a bulk order 
  • Bulk straws in individual or combined wrapping. Most customers are highly drawn to the company’s panda box packaging for its paper drinking straws
  • Fund security 
  • Compensation for delays 
  • Procurement consultation

Additionally, it also holds the following certifications:

  • Management system certification: ISO 9001; ISO 14001
  • Product quality certification: CE, RoHS, and FDA

The company even has an AA rating of Corporate Integrity and its trustworthy trading information is listed on their website. You can also email them for more of their personal information. With its annual turnover of RMB 30.01 million/year – RMB 50 million/year, you’re not just choosing any average manufacturer, you’re choosing the best. 

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