What color straws mean?

(Last Updated On: July 11, 2022)

It’s easy to understand, with various colored straws indicating different things to the different recipients. It’s true that the straw code is a way to bring businesses to coffee shops, but who wouldn’t spend a fortune on coffee to check out which straw is given to them? The color of the straw you receive will tell you what the person who handed it over considers your appearance and personality.

The colors of straw and their meanings are given below.

If you’re handed straws that are red straw it means that the barista thinks you’re adorable or pretty, which is what leads many coffee drinkers to visit the drive-through to Dutch Bros hoping to get the straw that is pink in their drink.

If you’re handed an straw that is green inside your cup of coffee drink, it means that you’re unattractive or unattractive to the barista that put the straw into your beverage.

If you find yourself with the appearance of an Orange straw sticking out of your drink this means that you’re weird, mysterious or that the person you work with believes you’re strange.

If the straw of the cup given to you by the drive-through window is yellow this means that you’re either average or are just average.

If the straw that is sticking out of your drink appears blue this means that the person who prepared the drink thinks that you’re rude.

Where Did the Straw Code Originate?

To date, no one has been able determine which straw code it came from. However, it has caused quite a bit of controversy on the internet, social media, and with those who are avid coffee drinkers, and regular customers of Dutch Bros establishments.

According to some websites, such as The Veronica Show, customers have reported that at times this straw-code is working at times, but sometimes it’s not.

paper straw

Is the Dutch Bros Straw Code Real?

If you get at the bottom of it the majority of customers who visit Dutch Bros don’t believe that the straw code actually exists. They claim that staff of Dutch Bros franchise Dutch Bros franchise are extremely busy, and there’s simply no way that they can select a color straw for each customer. They feel they are handed out randomly and there is no code.

There are also customers who have conducted their own research and claim that the straw code is real present, in place, and operating at full speed.

Interviews with people employed by Dutch Bros have been reported to show that this straw-code theory is real, but the information did not come from the source. It could be just hearsay, too.

Are you a regular at Dutch Bros? Have you found any proof for the validity of straw codes? People want to know if do you think the straw-code is genuine or not?

The Straw Code

The straw code’s validity real or not is an open question. However, the fact is that the public will continue to take their coffee and smoothies through the drive-thru of Dutch Bros daily just on the possibility that they will be handed that pink straw.

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