What are Bamboo Boba Straws?

(Last Updated On: November 14, 2022)

With the popularity of Boba drinks, plastic boba straws are being used more frequently. In America, 500 million drinking straws are being used every day. This amount of straws can be filled in 125 school buses every day.

These numbers only show the plastic straw wastage in the US. There are trillions of plastic straws being used in the world. To tackle this issue, many countries are imposing a ban on the usage of plastic straws.

However, these bans may cause many problems for the Boba industry, which is currently booming. Fortunately, many plastic straw alternatives are biodegradable and more practical to use.

One of these plastic straw alternatives for boba tea is known as the bamboo Boba straw. These are not only economical but also biodegradable and eco-friendly straws.

In this article, we have provided all of the information regarding the reusable bamboo Boba straws. By the end of this article, you’ll be fully acknowledged of the bamboo Boba straws.

What are Boba Straws?

Boba tea with a Boba straw

Before discussing bamboo Boba drinking straws, we need to find out what organic Boba straws are and how they are different from regular drinking straws.

Boba tea is a dessert drink that contains tapioca pearls. So it’s not a simple drink that requires a regular drinking straw. Hence Boba straws are wider than normal drinking straws.

Mostly plastic straws are used as straws for boba tea. But due to its harm to the environment, companies are now using biodegradable Boba straws.

Some of the most common organic Boba drinking straws are glass straws, sugarcane straws, and bamboo straws for boba tea. We all know that organic items are the ones that are plant-based and do not contain any pesticides or other chemicals.

Similarly, most reusable Boba straws are plant-based and they are not made with harmful chemicals. Another plus point is that most of the organic Boba straws are biodegradable i.e. they decompose in a shorter time and without causing any environmental problems.

All of these straws have their pros and cons. Below, we have described the usage and practicality of organic bamboo Boba straws.

What are Bamboo Boba Straws?

Now that we have understood the basics of organic Boba straws, we must come to the main point, which is what bamboo Boba straws are.

The bamboo Boba straws are 100% plant-based as they are made with bamboo plants. These are also reusable Boba straws as they can be cleaned with a cleaning brush.

There are two important features of a bamboo straw for bubble tea, that makes it different from regular bamboo straws;

  • The bamboo bubble tea straw has to be wider. The normal size of a bubble tea or boba tea straw is 12 to 15 mm or 0.4 to 0.5 inches.
  • The bamboo straw for bubble tea can easily poke through the lid of the cup.

While shifting from plastic straws to organic bamboo straws, it might feel strange to drink Boba tea in the beginning. But as time passes, a person gets used to the texture of these straws.

Types of Bamboo Boba Straws

As we mentioned above, reusable boba straws should be able to poke through the lid of the cup that contains the milk tea. According to this condition, there are two types of bamboo straws for bubble tea or boba tea.

Pointed Bamboo Boba Straws

These are the most preferable type of bamboo Boba straws as they have pointed ends. These pointed ends can be easily poked through the cover of the Boba cup.

During the manufacturing process, the bamboo boba straws are cut diagonally to make pointed ends. Although the straws with pointed ends are ideal Boba straws, they may cause problems for marine animals.

Bamboo straws are biodegradable so they can decompose without harming the environment. However, the pointed ends of bamboo Boba tea straws may cause injuries to fish, turtles, and other marine life.

Flat Bamboo Boba Straws

Flat Bamboo Boba straws are the opposite of pointed bamboo Boba straws. These drinking straws for bubble tea or boba tea have a flat surface on both sides of the straw.

The flat ends make it safer for marine animals. However, these straws can’t easily poke through the lid of the Boba tea cup.

Fortunately, many cups now come with a lid that has a hole for the bamboo Boba drinking straws. Therefore, using a flat straw for boba tea would be more eco-friendly and harmless.

How Bamboo Boba Straws are Manufactured?

Bamboo straws for Boba tea come from bamboo trees

As the name indicates, bamboo straws for boba tea are made with bamboo plants. The first step is to find the best quality and mature bamboo trees.

Then the farmers will cut the best quality stalk from the selected bamboo trees. These stalks are left in the sun to dry completely. When the stalks are completely dry, they are cut into many pieces.

The sizes of these bamboo pieces are adjusted according to the required size or length of a bamboo straw for milk tea. Not every stalk has a similar diameter, therefore the workers separate the wide and long straws that are suitable for boba tea or bubble tea.

Lastly, the finished pieces are cleaned and left to dry naturally. This process gives a golden-yellowish color to the bamboo drinking straws. In the end, the logo is engraved and then the bamboo straws are ready to be used for enjoying Boba tea.

Size Guide for Bamboo Boba Straws

The size of a bamboo drinking straw depends on the size of the stem of the bamboo tree. So there are many options when it comes to its size. There are both short and long straws as well as wide and narrow bamboo straws.

A Boba straw has to be wider so that it can fit the tapioca pearls. Also, it must poke through the lid of the cup.

So manufacturers have to separate the wide and long straws that can fit tapioca pearls. Mostly the size of organic bamboo straws for bubble tea ranges from 0.4-0.5 inches or 12 to 15 mm.

How Bamboo Boba Straws are Good for Our Planet?

Plastic Straws cause pollution in the oceanss,so the Bamboo drinking straws are the best alternatives.

Boba tea is an increasingly popular dessert drink. It’s not only popular in East Asia, but it’s also a popular choice for many people in the western world.

Mostly plastic straws are being used that are notorious for causing severe problems in the world. Therefore they are not the best option to choose.

Bamboo straws for boba tea are very sustainable plastic straw alternatives. Here are some of the reasons why bamboo Boba straws are good for our planet;

Made from the Most Sustainable Plant

Bamboo plants are considered to be the most sustainable plants on Earth. One of the main reasons is that this plant does not need a lot of water.

Bamboo trees also do not require a lot of maintenance. Farmers don’t have to add any pesticides or insecticides for this plant to grow.

Another plus point of bamboo trees is that they grow very rapidly. Most plants take 10-20 or more years to grow. However, bamboo trees only take about three to five years to grow completely.

Therefore, the Boba straw made with bamboo is considered to be one of the best plastic straw alternatives.


The worst part of using plastic straws is that they are not biodegradable. This means they can take many years to dissolve and the micro fragments of plastic can damage marine life as well as the water we consume.

Here, bamboo Boba straws come in handy, as they are completely biodegradable. Hence, bamboo straws for boba tea can decompose without causing any harm to the environment.


Most of the plastic straws for boba tea are disposable and can’t be reused. However, a person can use bamboo straws to drink Boba tea several times.

Since bamboo drinking straws are organically made, hence they can be cleaned and sterilized very easily. A cleaning brush is always provided when a person purchases a reusable bamboo Boba straw.

Cleaning Methods for Bamboo Boba Straws?

Bamboo Boba Straws come with a cleaning brush

A bamboo Boba straw should be cleaned properly. Since bamboo drinking straws are also reusable, therefore they need to be cleaned properly for hygiene purposes. Here are some of the ways you can use to clean a reusable bamboo Boba straw.

Using Warm Water

After enjoying a cup of milk tea, you may wash the bamboo drinking straw with warm water. The first step would be to rinse the bamboo boba drinking straw under warm water. This process will remove the stickiness of the milk tea.

Next, pour dishwashing liquid on the inner surface of the straw and clean it using a straw-cleaning brush. In the end, rinse off the soap using warm water.

Using Dishwasher

Since bamboo Boba straws are strong and heat resistant, a dishwasher can be used to wash them. A person simply has to place the bamboo straw for bubble tea inside the dishwasher along with other utensils. Then the dishwasher will do its magic and will properly clean it.

However, it is advised to not use the drying option of a dishwasher for bamboo drinking straws. Instead, air dry them or dry the straws under the sun to kill any bacteria.

Usage in Different Places

Bamboo Boba straws can be used in different places such as homes, offices, restaurants, cafés, or hotels.


Home is the place where you can store or clean things on your own. So a reusable bamboo straw for boba tea is a very economical as well as sustainable option to use at home as it can be stored and cleaned.

Since Boba tea lovers love to have bubble tea at home, it is economical for them to purchase reusable organic bamboo boba straws. Also, they can properly clean and sterilize bamboo drinking straws.


Bamboo Boba straw is a very good option for restaurants that have bubble tea on their menu. They can purchase these organic straws in bulk from a manufacturer at a low cost.

However, it is advised not to reuse bamboo straws for hygienic purposes. However, if a restaurant has proper dishwashers or other cleaning tools, then reusing the bamboo straws can be a sustainable as well as an economical option for them.


Cafés serve coffee and tea, so they need to have organic bamboo straws for boba tea. Since the world is changing, a customer is also getting more mature and conscious about the environment.

Therefore, it is better to have organic bamboo straws in a café instead of plastic straws for Boba tea. However, cafés should not reuse bamboo boba straws unless they have a proper sterilization system.

For takeaways, bamboo Boba straws are a very good option as customers might be able to reuse them. Bamboo boba straws are biodegradable straws so it is not harmful if they are not reused in the cafés.

Where Can You Buy Bamboo Boba Straws?

Homestraw is one of the best places to buy bamboo Boba straws. It is a good place if you are intending to purchase bamboo Boba drinking straws in bulk for your business, restaurant, or café.

The minimum order quantity of bamboo Boba straws is 20,000 at Homestraw. Pure and organic material is used to make bamboo Boba drinking straws at Homestraw so that the reusable straws are 100% biodegradable.

The organic straws of Homestraw are certified by SGS, ROHS, FSC, FDA, and other popular institutions. Moreover, Homestraw offers a visit to their factory so that customers can check the quality.

Samples of bamboo Boba straws are also sent to the customers before they purchase the drinking bamboo straws for boba tea in bulk. These features of the company provide its authenticity.

The organic bamboo Boba straws of Homestraw are strong, non-soggy, and temperature resistant. So the bamboo reusable straws of Homestraw are one of the best options out there.

Comparison with Other Plastic Boba Straw Alternatives

There are many other plastic straw alternatives for boba tea. Some of the most common plastic straw alternatives that are used by Boba lovers are glass Boba straws, stainless steel Boba straws, and paper straws for boba tea.

Below, we have compared the most popular Boba straws with organic bamboo Boba straws;

Bamboo Boba Straws vs Paper Boba Straws

Bamboo Boba Straws vs Paper Boba Straws

Bamboo boba straws are 100% plant-based. On the other hand, paper Boba drinking straws require a very long process and some chemicals to get manufactured. Therefore, they can’t be classified as organic or plant-based straws.

One of the biggest issues with paper straws is that they turn soggy very quickly. Because of this reason, they can’t be reused. Also, paper straws are soft, so they can’t be easily poked through the lid of a Boba cup.

On the other hand, organic bamboo straws are much stronger, heat resistant, and reusable. The pointed Bamboo straws for bubble tea can also be poked through the lid of the Boba cup.

Bamboo Boba Straws vs Glass Boba Straws

Bamboo Boba Straws vs Glass Boba Straws

Both bamboo drinking straws and glass straws for boba tea are strong and can be poked through the lid. However bamboo Boba straw wins more points when it comes to the sustainability point of view.

Glass straws are not biodegradable. However, they can be recycled or reused. On the other hand, bamboo Boba straws are both recyclable and reusable.

Bamboo Boba Straws vs Stainless Steel Boba Straws

Bamboo Boba Straws vs Stainless Steel Boba Straws

Stainless steel straws can’t be used with hot drinks. However organic bamboo Boba straws can be used in both hot and cold tea or other drinks.

Bamboo drinking straws for boba tea are made with organic material and are plant-based. Furthermore, the manufacturing process of organic bamboo straws is very simple.

Stainless steel straws require a long and complex manufacturing process. Also, stainless steel straws are not biodegradable. These drinking straws for boba tea can only be reused or recycled.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Bamboo Boba Straws

Are Bamboo Boba Straws Reusable?

Yes, bamboo straws for boba tea are completely reusable. These drinking straws can be cleaned by using the straw cleaning brush that comes with them.

The bamboo boba straw can also be rinsed with warm water and dried under the sun. These two procedures remove the germs from the straw and make it reusable.

Can You Put Bamboo Boba Straws in the Dishwasher?

Yes, bamboo Boba straws can also be washed in a dishwasher. Bamboo straws are made with the stems of bamboo trees, which makes these drinking straws strong and temperature resistant.

Bamboo drinking straws for bubble tea can be placed like other utensils in the dishwasher. However, it is recommended to not dry the bamboo straws in the dishwasher. Instead, they should be left to dry naturally.

Are Bamboo Boba Straws Safe to Use?

Yes, bamboo Boba straws are completely safe to use. These biodegradable straws are 100% plant-based and come from natural bamboo trees.

Bamboo trees are known to be the most sustainable and organic plants as they don’t require chemicals such as pesticides and fertilizers to grow.

Also, no chemical is used in the manufacturing process. Therefore, organic bamboo straws for boba tea are safe to use. However, the pointed Bamboo Boba straws should be handled carefully.

What is the Temperature Resistance of Bamboo Boba Straws?

Organic bamboo Boba straws can work best for both hot and cold drinks. Bamboo boba straws are completely made with bamboo trees, which gives them enough strength to endure hot as well as cold temperatures.

Unlike many other straws, bamboo straws for boba tea don’t melt or bend when placed in hot milk tea. Also, the temperature of these biodegradable straws doesn’t change when they come in contact with hot tea.

How to Dispose of Bamboo Boba Straws?

Although biodegradable Boba straws made with bamboo can be reused, they still have to be thrown at some time. Also, restaurants or cafés can’t reuse bamboo straws for boba tea due to hygiene purposes.

Bamboo Boba Straws can be disposed of normally as they are biodegradable and don’t cause any harm to the environment. However, the best option is to compost these drinking straws. This means that you can use these biodegradable straws as a fertilizer.

Final Words

No doubt, Boba tea is delicious and one of the best drinks out there. But its consumption is causing environmental problems as a lot of companies still use plastic straws.

Bamboo Boba straws are a sustainable option to enjoy delectable Boba tea. These straws are biodegradable so they don’t cause any harm to the environment. Moreover, bamboo straws for bubble tea can be reused or recycled.

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