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A practical guide to paper straws

paper straws
(Last Updated On: December 23, 2021)

According to research reports in recent years, plastic products have produced immeasurable garbage in the ocean. Although there is a lot of rebuttable evidence, people still generally believe that plastic straws are the cause of this result. Due to the wide spread of straws, the usage rate is so high that it may be difficult to completely change this phenomenon. Fortunately, this environmental protection campaign is slowly proceeding. Cities across the United States, such as Washington DC, Seattle, and the entire state of California, have clearly requested that companies no longer provide plastic straws to customers. Everyone is protecting the earth’s environment makes a small but not negligible contribution. Nowadays, many stores provide customers with paper straws instead of plastic straws, but are paper straws really environmentally friendly?

Are paper straws better than plastic straws

Are paper straws better than plastic straws? It seems that you have to choose between deforestation or polluting the ocean.People cut down trees to make paper, and then make paper straws, but from a long-term perspective, if people can plant more trees, this problem will not exist. The production of plastic products require the supply of fossil fuels, which will bring more carbon to the environment, but burning trees will not increase carbon emissions. Paper can be made many times, but we cannot regenerate the by-products made from fossil fuels. Paper straws are of great significance to environmental protection policies, but in essence, paper straws are the predecessors of plastic straws. Relatively speaking, they are products eliminated by the times. If you want to achieve global popularity, you must reduce the cost of paper straws ensures market competitiveness while at the same time overcoming existing shortcomings and technological improvements.

paper straws
paper straws

Benefits of paper straws

1. Environmentally friendly, recyclable and degradable

Plastic straws are thrown into the wild. It takes 200 years to completely degrade, and they are not biodegradable. They gradually become tiny plastics, increasing marine life and biodiversity. These tiny plastics are considered to be food, so they ingest plastic. Paper straws, which are different from plastic, will decompose within a week, thereby reducing damage to the environment.

2. Safe without harmful chemical elements

Under normal circumstances, the manufacturer uses the production raw materials under the regulations, adds legal additives, the production process is compliant, and the paper straw terminal product produced meets the national food safety standards, and there is no pollution in the circulation process, then the product is relatively safe , consumers can buy with confidence.

3. User-friendly, no sharp burrs, etc.

There are many straws made of new materials on the market, such as wheat straws, sugarcane straws, coffee grounds straws, bamboo straws, etc. Bamboo straws can be 100% degraded, but if workers do not pay attention to them during the production process, they will not if the bamboo is polished very smoothly, burrs will appear. Everyone has the experience of being punctured by burrs. I can’t imagine how bad the results would be if the burrs entered the oral cavity with the liquid.

4. Paper straws can be very fashionable

Paper straws can be selected according to each person’s personal preferences and different shapes and sizes. The logo can be customized according to your requirements and then printed, which can enhance the customer’s brand and enhance the brand influence. Whether you need to use it for drinking cocktails, milkshakes or smoothies, all popular sizes can be made, ranging from 6-12 mm in diameter to 140-250 mm in length, which can meet all your needs, if you need a large size for industrial use Paper straws can also be customized.

Disadvantages of paper straws

1. High production cost

It is understood that the average cost of a plastic straw is about ¥0.03 , and the cost of a paper straw is about ¥0.1 , a difference of as much as 3 times. Take the tube roll as an example, each paper straw needs to be rolled with three layers of paper. According to the needs of each customer, the specifications of the paper are also different, and the production cost will increase accordingly. Each production requires the adjustment of the machine. Even if the production process is successful, drying is a problem that annoys many companies. It is due to reasons such as capital cost and technology that there is still no excessive investment in production.

2.Soaking in water for too long is easy to melt

When you insert a straw into the liquid, it can help you enjoy the drink very conveniently at first, but if you put the drink aside and want to wait for a while, then the paper straw will start to soften and become rotten. It appears mushy, which greatly affects the customer’s experience, and even complains to the store, causing unnecessary trouble for both parties.When your drink is left for a period of time and you want to pick it up and drink it again, you will find that the paper straw has become soft and rotten, which makes it difficult for us to absorb the solids added to the drink, such as fruit pellets and pearls.

paper straws

3. It is harder to pierce the packaging of beverages

The popular milk tea drinks on the market now (mostly packaged in paper cups, the openings are sealed with plastic film to prevent the liquid from leaking, and it is acceptable to pack and drink while walking). I don’t know if this has happened to you. I often buy milk tea,when the straw is not pricked in, it takes three or five attempts to succeed. This is still acceptable, however, in extreme cases, the straw may break directly or the film may be damaged to cause the drink to flow out. This is really very distressing.

paper straws

4. There is a shelf life, and there are requirements for the preservation environment

Paper straws are not suitable to be placed in damp places. Moisture will make the straws soft and rotten, making them unusable, which greatly increases the scrap rate and costs.

5. Hazardous substances may migrate into food

In the process of drinking, there will be harmful substances that migrate with the food into people’s body, such as heavy metals in ink, and even some malicious businesses will add fluorescent whitening agent and formaldehyde in the production process. The production of color straws is mainly made by spraying ink on the surface of white paper straws, which can be customized by private, including colors, mixed colors and various patterns. The appearance increases the beauty and can stimulate people’s appetite to a certain extent. But while being beautiful, it will greatly increase the risk of harmful substances migrating into the body.

There may be microbial contamination in the product circulation process. For example, the new corona virus, which has recently affected the world, accelerates its spread through the food cold chain. Therefore, many businesses now implement the “one straw one package” approach to this situation to avoid this bad situation.


Part of environmental issues, but the most prominent plastic products at the moment is to go ecologically and affect the ecological environment, the composition of marine life and the ecological circle, the large use of plastic straws, the amount of recycling is small, and most of them are in the environment.

Use paper suction instead of plastic straws. The problem of natural environmental management. Paper is in. The measures taken to make the pollution of the ocean go to the environment can make the pollution of the ocean happy. But if there are also standards for the production of straws, use paper. + The method of inlaid film, its degradability will be greatly bound. Therefore, we recommend that you ask yourself before use, it is not necessary, or choose a 100% degradable straw.

About us

Homestraw is a professional manufacturer of bio-degradable paper straws with 20 years of production experience in the field of paper tubes, covering an area of 8,000 square meters. There is a special site for the production and development of paper drinking straws to keep drinking straws from any possible pollution . All paper drinking straws have been certified with FDA,SGS and LFGB and you can customize different patterns of paper drinking straws which is an essential alternative for plastic drinking straws.At present, we have exported to LIDL in Germany, Dollarama in Canada and bm-stores in the UK.Brazil, Disney, Jumbo in the us, 99cents only store, Daiso in Japan, Sisma in Italy and Our in Korea. The quality of paper drinking straws can meet the quality requirements of supermarkets and famous brands.

In 2019, our company developed new products with the concept of innovation and continuous improvement. The new straw products include recyclable stainless steel straws made of 18/8 stainless steel, healthy wheat drinking straws made from natural wheat, and lightweight straw straws and bamboo drinking straws made of bamboo. In addition, the company has developed some tableware supplies, including bagasse plates, plates and paper cups.In 2019, our company developed new products with the concept of innovation and continuous improvement. The new straw products include recyclable stainless steel straws made of 18/8 stainless steel, healthy wheat drinking straws made from natural wheat, and lightweight straw straws and bamboo drinking straws made of bamboo. In addition, the company has developed some tableware supplies, including bagasse plates, plates and paper cups.

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