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​​Stretch Wrap – Quick Purchase Guide

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In today’s fast-paced world of logistics and commerce, the significance of efficient packaging of products with durable and versatile materials is cardinal. This is where a stretch wrap emerges as a silent hero as its different properties allow it to be one of the top choices for wrapping items in multiple industries.

To put it simply, stretch wrap, also known as a stretch film, is a wrapping material that is known for its stretchability, which allows it to snugly wrap onto products of any size and shape.

In this article, we’ll explore the uses of stretch films, the factors you should consider before buying one, and the manufacturers renowned for creating the best stretch wrap.

Stretch Wrap And Its Uses

Stretch wrap is a clear thin film that is typically made from linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE) and is used to wrap items and pallets. Its elasticity allows it to secure the goods perfectly and prevents any type of damage during transit and storage.

The durability and pliability, together with the cost-effectiveness of stretch wrap allow it to dominate against other packaging materials. Here are some uses of stretch wrap:

1.   Palletizing and Unitizing

The primary use of a stretch wrap is for tightly wrapping up items on pallets or boxes. It’s a convenient solution to prevent the shifting or toppling of products by increasing the stability of the load during transportation. Stretch wrap ensures that damage-free products are delivered to customers.

2.   Protection

Stretch wrap protects items from contaminants like dust and moisture, especially in environments where the products are being stored or transported over a long haul. Apart from that, it also acts as a protective shield against snow, rain, or humidity, therefore guaranteeing the integrity of the shipment.

3.   Preventing Product Tampering

Another use of a stretch wrap is to act as a tamper-proof seal around pallets and boxes which makes it difficult for any unauthorized individual to commit theft. This will build trust between the company and its customers due to the fool-proof security of packaged goods.

4.   Moving and Storage

Stretch wrap is the quintessential choice for packaging items on a large industry scale to simply moving houses. It can bind to any type of bulky and irregular object including but not limited to furniture, appliances, and pallets.

5.   Cleanliness and hygiene

The tight wrapping of the plastic film around the products ensures exceptional sanitation, especially for items such as medical supplies, food, or beverages.

Types Of Stretch Wraps And Their Applications

It can be confusing to know which stretch wrap is required for what purpose, as there are numerous options available. Each film is designed for specific applications to cater to the specific needs of a business. 

Here we have listed the common wraps and their applications: 

1. Machine Stretch Films:

Machine stretch films are a type of stretch wrap that requires specific high-performance machines for application on products. 


  • High efficiency: As machine stretch wraps undergo an automated process, it markedly increases the efficiency and output. 
  • Reduced film wastage: Using an automated process allows the appropriate use of the stretch film to provide load stability with very little wrap wastage. 
  • Uniform packaging: The automated wrapping ensures consistent quality and load containment and results in an ideal film application, which in turn reduces the risk of damage to products. 


  • High-volume palletizing: Machine stretch wraps are the perfect pick for high-volume operations as they provide a quicker way of wrapping a large number of items. 
  • Large-scale Distribution: Machine stretch wraps are best suited for mass shipments. This allows consistent and rapid packaging of products for transit and storage. 

2. Cast Stretch Film: 

The cast extrusion process, in which plastic resins are used, yields a cast stretch wrap, which offers very diverse benefits for packaging items. 


  • Clarity: Cast stretch wraps display excellent clarity that provides complete visibility of products even after they’re packaged. 
  • Thickness and High Stretchability: Cast stretch wraps have consistent strength and thickness, which helps to prevent load failure during transportation. Not only that, but the wrap’s stretchability permits it to conform to the shape and size of the products and create a tight seal. 
  • Quiet Unwinding: Workplace environments such as warehouses can have intense noises and disturbances; however, cast stretch films are known to have quiet unwinding characteristics, providing a smooth and comfortable experience. 


  • Retail Packaging: Cast stretch wraps are ideal for retail packaging due to their transparent nature. The clarity and gloss finish of the wrap allow the products to be secured safely while on display. 
  • Food service industry: Clear wrap is one of the most widely used stretch films in the food industry, as it adheres to safety regulations and maintains the freshness of perishable items. 

3. Hand Stretch Film

As the name suggests, this film is designed to be applied manually, which has multiple advantages. 


  • Easy to Use: If you require a stretch wrap that can be handled easily and doesn’t require extensive training or equipment to understand, then hand stretch film is the prime choice. 
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Not only is it easy to use, but it is also considered more budget-friendly as compared to other stretch wraps, making it perfect for companies with low-volume packaging needs. 
  • Versatility: Hand stretch wrap can adapt to numerous packaging methods due to its versatile and flexible nature; you can use it for wrapping items individually or in bulk together.


  • Small businesses: Hand stretch wraps are primarily utilised by smaller companies as they have low-capacity production. Hence, the cost-effective wrap is best suited for products such as cartons or merchandise from these companies. 
  • Moving and Storage: Another application of hand stretch wrap is during the process of shifting houses or offices. All the household or office appliances can be tightly secured by this plastic wrap without fear of damage during movement. 

4. Degradable Stretch: 

Degradable stretch wraps are the new innovative sustainable design that breaks down within time into harmless elements, reducing the carbon footprint. 


  • Eco-friendly and sustainable: Made from renewable resources, degradable stretch wrap decreases greenhouse emissions and plastic waste, leading to a healthy environment. 
  • Flexibility and Versatility: While being eco-friendly, a degradable stretch wrap maintains its elasticity and cling stability. Not only that, but its tear-resistant characteristics are similar to those of traditional wraps. 
  • Load Stability: Advancements in technology have led to high-quality degradable stretch wraps that possess enough strength to handle and secure any size and shape of load containment. 
  • Customer Appeal: Using a degradable stretch wrap will automatically elevate a brand’s image in the eyes of customers who opt for businesses that promote eco-friendly packaging. 


  • Industrial packaging: Degradable stretch wraps are used in a wide array of industries, including construction, agriculture, and logistics. They’re ideal for packaging various kinds of materials and products. 
  • Food industry: Another use of a degradable wrap is to cover and secure perishable food and drink items while extending their shelf life and reducing their harmful environmental impact. 
  • Cosmetic Industry: Cosmetic companies are big on using environmentally friendly products; therefore, the majority of them have shifted to using degradable wraps for packaging their products.

Factors To Consider When Purchasing Stretch Wrap

When it comes to choosing the appropriate type of stretch film one has to consider several factors to not compromise the safety of the package, while to some this may seem straightforward; it is in fact imperative to be considered carefully before opting to purchase a certain type. 

The purpose of the stretch film is to transport the goods safely; this encompasses the stress taken during shipment and storage. This is exactly why it is highly advised to consider all the factors that can potentially be an issue in the packaging and transportation element. 

The following factors are ones to look out for when buying a stretch wrap:

Quality Of The Film

As far as protection goes one can never compromise on something as vital as the quality, poor stretch material can negatively impact the load stability and is also prone to wear and tear, as such it is crucial to be sure that the wrap chosen is manufactured using high-quality materials

Film type

The variety of stretch films is vast such as hand stretch wrap, machine stretch film, and specialty films which are modified for UV resistance and cold storage. You must make sure that the cling chosen serves your needs and purposes along with being compatible with the climate and machinery used.


Another element to consider in the ever-growing list of concerns when searching for the appropriate type of film. Stretch wraps with good memory properties and elongation are excellent as they have the ability to stretch and recover which provides a tight wrap around loads maintaining stability. 

The stretchability also needs to be assessed to adequately choose based on the weight and size of the load. For lighter loads, films with moderate or light stretchability will work but for heavier loads, the elasticity needs to be ample to ensure there is no breakage and the hold of the cling is appropriate


Choosing a thickness that does not support the load is a significant issue. To tackle this, it is advised to properly assess the thickness beforehand, the thickness is typically measured in microns or gauges.

If you are handling small loads then a stretch gauged film with a 40-80-gauge thickness is ideal, similarly; when dealing with palletized loads or heavier objects; whale 80-125 is advised. 

For sharp and bulky items gauge 125-150 is advised. It is ideal to be used in extra heavyweights as well. Choosing a stretch film with an incorrect thickness can be detrimental to the products as it can increase the chances of breakage

Width And Length

Much like the thickness, width and length must also be considered prior to making a purchase. Choosing a size that fits the dimensions of your items is important.

The length is considered to not run out of the cling before finishing up the job and to ensure that no corners are cut and the cling protects and covers the entirety of the items.


After discussing the separate elements, it is time to decide if the wrap chosen is compatible with the machinery and the environmental factors. 

If the film is to be wrapped via machinery then you must ensure that you go for a machine wrap cling and one that is suitable for existing machinery thereby reducing any inefficiencies as a wrap to machinery in congruence is likely to cause faulty wrapping or machine failure. 

If the intended purpose is to be wrapped by hand then opt for the hand stretch film as it is easier to manoeuvre. 

User Safety

Keeping the above advice in mind another problem must be tackled, the safety of hand stretch wraps. There are wraps available with sharp edges. It is vital to assess the ease of access before purchasing a film. 


While the quality of the cling should not be compromised, the cost of the cling is a major concern as high manufacturing needs high-quality materials which are costly. 

Low-quality material might seem budget-friendly but the inefficiencies and potential hazards of using such cling technically outweigh the pros. High-quality cling endures harsher storage conditions and provides superior protection. 

Nevertheless, research for the availability of cost-friendly high-quality cling is advised. 

Supplier Reliability

After tackling the cost we must now choose an optimal supplier. it is imperative that the supplier is reliable or else you may get films of subpar variety with inconsistency in deliveries.

Furthermore, you must look into the shipping logistics of the supplier, for that you need to coordinate with your supplier which would require an exemplary customer support system which can be hard to get with a non-reliable supplier. 

Reviews are often a good indicator of customer satisfaction. If the positives outweigh the negatives that would indicate the trustworthiness of the supplier. Choosing a reputable supplier plays a critical role as it can prevent several issues that may arise with poor wrapping and inadequate protection and may also harm the outlook of your business. 

Where Can You Purchase The Best Stretch Wrap Worldwide


Hometraw is a renowned brand that promises environmentally friendly products, such as degradable packing, bamboo straws and sticks, degradable cutlery, stainless steel straws, and much more. They’re extremely dedicated to making a change and ensuring that their practices are highly efficient, so they’ve received all the relevant authoritative certifications, such as the FDA, LFGB, ROHS, SGS, and more.

The company offers degradable stretch wrap, which is ideal for businesses that prefer eco-friendly packaging. Their stretch wrap is perfect for moving houses or offices, retail, and smaller industries for palletization or to wrap items like furniture. Customers get to choose from multiple sizes of 20, 25, and 30 cm, which are all PE material and safe and secure for usage. Along with that, their clients have the option of testing out the product through their free sample option before making a bulk purchase.

Homestraw also ships its stretch wrap worldwide and has an exceptional client- base that enjoys the service and quality of the stretch film and other products offered.

Rolls Stretch Film Limited

Rolls Stretch Film Limited has been in the business of packaging since 2009 and has become a brand name in the industry. They have become the go-to option for packaging needs, especially in the shipping industry, as they provide high-quality hand stretch, machine stretch, and colour stretch films. Their stretch films are ideal for use when securing heavyweight products on a pallet while shipping items, making them the perfect fit for the manufacturing and construction industries. Not only this, but these are also ideal for bundling, safeguarding, and the transportation of products.

The company’s main target market is the packing and shipping industry, where machine-grade stretch films are required. They use high-end technology to ensure the effectiveness of their packaging products, leaving no room for damage. Hence, they have promising customer service and exceptional consultation.

They provide multiple packing and shipping options, so they’re not restricted to selling to only large-scale businesses. Their packing options include 1/4/6/8 pieces per carton or as per the customer’s request. 

Sigma Stretch Film

Based in Kentucky, USA, Sigma Stretch Film has been named the industry leader for producing quality and reliable stretch films at an affordable price point. They manufacture highly durable machine films, hand films, agricultural films, sustainable films, and specialty films. Each category of film offers a wide range of high-performance stretch films.

Machine films are engineered and effective for high-speed application; therefore, they can be used for A, B, and C loads, light to heavy-weight containers, bundling applications, inboard and outboard loads, and storage. The best thing about these films is that they’re 100% biodegradable, so they’re providing eco-friendly packaging solutions to multiple industries.

Sigma Stretch Film conducts packaging assessments and the Rite-Gauging methodology to ensure highly secure product shipping and the protection of goods. The company has a wide range of products that are ideal for multiple industries, including but not limited to shipping, agriculture, and packaging.


Overall, a stretch wrap plays a pivotal role in the world of packaging, and with this guide, you now know each aspect to consider when selecting the ideal one for your business. is crucial for ensuring safe and secure transportation and storage of products. 

Whether you’re packaging items for retail, distribution, manufacturing, or moving purposes, choosing the suitable stretch wrap from renowned manufacturers guarantees optimal protection, stability, and efficiency in your packaging operations. 

By considering certain factors such as film type, stretchability, thickness, compatibility, and supplier reliability, businesses can make informed decisions to meet their packaging needs effectively.

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