Reed Straws -The Ultimate FAQ Guide(2022)

reed straws
(Last Updated On: December 7, 2022)

Reed straws are considered one of the best alternatives to other harmful and non-biodegradable straws. Reed straw is proven worth your money and guarantees 100% safe and secure drinking pleasure.

We are going through all major concerns of reed straw in this FAQ guide to satisfy the customer. So purchase this perfect straw for your restaurant, bars, offices, or whatever businesses you have. Reed straw is a perfect and smart choice to pair with thick and fresh smoothies, juices, and frozen iced cocktails.

1-What are Reed Straws?

As a raw material, the reed is very common and found abundantly. Reed contains organic properties and uses for the making of natural and safe straws. Due to the long length of reed grass, the dried reed is used as a reed straw. Reeds can be used as substitutes for plastic and other harmful straws.

Because plastic is not easily diffused and causes environmental pollution, Reed straws are disposable compared to plastic and steel straws and can be used more than once. They do not have harmful pesticides or chemicals that can harm our health. You can use them for thicker beverages and wash and store them for later use. These natural straws are eco-friendly, non-toxic, and cheaper than plastic and steel straws, so make sure to purchase these straws having similar strength and advantages as Bamboo straws.

Reeds are manufactured with long, dried straws of grass. Mostly dried reeds are very useful. Reeds manufacture various materials, such as

  • arrows & pens
  • Musical instruments like oboes
  • Basketry
  • Roofs & Boats
  • Houses & Papermaking

Reeds formed by long grasses belong to the family “Poaceae.” Some features of reeds are

  1. Reed has the same durability and sustainability as bamboo, and they are mostly found in wetlands of temperate and tropical areas.
  2. Reeds grow in wet marshes and shallow water. When reeds grow in large numbers, they form a reed bed.
  3. The Reed bed is the source of the habitat for various animal species.

2-Are Reed Straws 100% Biodegradable?

Reed is biodegradable and eco-friendly due to its organic material. Reed material is smooth, natural, and organic plant material. It is easy to grow the reeds, and the growth rate of reeds is very fast. It vigorously grows to take less time to cover more area, giving a high yield.

Reeds are sustainable and eco-friendly because they contain organic raw material, which diffuses quickly and does not cause pollution. If we compare reeds with plastic, reeds are 100% organic and biodegradable, safe, and the best alternative for you. These straws are biodegradable and degradable, with zero waste in water and for marine life.

3 -Are Reed Straws Safe?

Reed straws are safe for human use and our land and environment. They are made of non-toxic and organic compounds and are safe as they are hundred per cent organic compared to other metal and plastic straws. Metal and other straws are not biodegradable. Most people use these straws once and throw them as waste. They cause environmental pollution and can not dispose of easily.

Plastic and metal straws cause injury risks and are not safe for our health. Some children have suffered serious health problems from drinking and using metal straws.

So reed straws are safe as compared to other straws. They are soft, smooth, delicate, and not harmful to kids. As they are super thin, smooth, and feel lightweight while you are using these straws.

Reed drinking straws are natural straws designed and made from the reed plant’s site. It means that they are composed of pure organic raw material with no addition of any external harmful chemicals and pesticides. The absence of chemicals makes these straws completely safe for drinking purposes, and their availability and various length and diameter make them suitable for group age. These drinking straws offer greater sustainability and biodegradability and are excellent alternatives to other types of drinking straws. They do not get soggy and can easily withstand over 120 Celcius temperature. So you can use them for all types of beverages, hot and cold drinks, coffee, etc.

Moreover, the cellulose fibers of the reed straws do not mix with the dry or wet material, causing any health hazards. These straws are safer for human health and cause no harm to the surrounding. They are eco-friendly, do not cause landfills after disposal, and require no specific environmental requirements to undergo degradation. You can use them multiple times for drinking without facing any straw deformation.                                 

4 -Are Reed Straws Suitable for Using a Hot or Cold Beverage?

Reed straws are known for their greater durability and strength, just like bamboo straws. These characteristics make these straws non-soggy and capable of tolerating even high temperatures. The manufacturing process of the reed straws is non-toxic and only involves organic material.

They are made of natural, sustainable plants and are perfect for all drinks, and you can enjoy milkshakes, beverages, smoothies, and frozen-iced cocktails without any changes in the taste of the drink and the shape of the straw. You can even use them multiple times without fearing spoiling your drinks.         

5 -How to Clean Reed Straws?

They are reusable and can last for several months. They can wash with simple dish soap and brush and keep it dry using a reed straw. The reed drinking straws are reusable straws that can use several times to drink different smoothies, coffees, etc. These straws may come in different sizes with varying diameters. Once used, it is necessary to clean the reed straw to make it ready for usage next time.

The reed straws can clean in the dishwasher because it does not affect their quality. In fact, dishwashers disinfect the reed straws and remove harmful bacteria that may accumulate after drinking. In other words, you can say that they are dishwasher safe.

If the straw’s cleaning is not done, it will accumulate hazardous microorganisms because of increased moisture. The cleaning of straws is essential to make them hygienic and free of dangerous microorganisms such as bacteria.

reed straws

Equipment required for reed straw cleaning:

  • Straw brush
  • Dishpan or sink
  • Dish drainer

Materials required for reed straw cleaning:

  1. Hot water
  2. Chlorine bleach
  3. Baking soda(Optional)
  4. Dishwashing liquid
  5. Distilled white vinegar(Optional)
  6. Disinfectant wipe(Optional)

Steps to clean Reed drinking straws:

The following are some effective steps to clean the reed drinking straws efficiently.

Step 1: Mixing of cleaning solution:

Take a dishpan or a sink and mix hot water with the required dishwashing liquid in i. The resulting mixture is used as a cleaning solution for these straws.

Step 2:  Insertion of straw brush:

This step involves dipping the pipe cleaner or straw brush into the cleaning solution. After dipping into the cleaning solution, insert it into the targeted straw. Pass this straw brush through the whole length of the straw for proper cleaning. You must remember to take a straw brush with enough thickness to touch the reed straw’s inner sides.

Step 3: Removing the stubborn particles:

If the stubborn particles of the drink are still clinging to the straw even after cleaning with a cleaning solution, then you can remove these particles by using baking soda. For this purpose, dip the pipe cleaner in the baking soda and again insert it into the straw. The baking soda effectively removes all the stuck particles.

Step 4: Rinse and dry:

After completely cleaning the straw,  rinse it with hot water. After rinsing, allow it to dry by placing it in the dish drainer or clean glass. The complete dryness of the straw is compulsory after cleaning because it prevents moisture and increases its durability.

6-How Long Can Reed Straws be Recycled?

They are one of the ideal alternatives to plastic, are made of organic plant material, and can be easily degradable and environmentally friendly. Recycling includes composting and decomposing organic material by utilizing heat and moisture. Due to aerobic procedure, there is easy degradation of the organic material of reed. The decomposition of organic material with the help of microorganisms also occurs in nature. As the reed straws decompose in nature or soil, they can increase soil fertility.

Reed straws are organic and environmentally friendly because they are easily decomposed in nature. Reed straws being biodegradable and compostable straws are undoubtedly ideal alternatives to non-biodegradable straws.

In addition to being biodegradable, they are also recyclable. You can use them as drinking straws for a long time. But if you stop using them as drinking straws, you can use them as fertilizer. You can create a homemade and natural fertilizer by composting the reed straws at home.

In this way, you can recycle and use the straws for useful purposes for a long time.         

7 -How Long Can Reed Straws Be Stored Like Plastic Straws?


Reed straws are specifically designed to enjoy your drinks regularly. You can use them repeatedly if they are properly stored, unlike single-use plastic and other straws. But for long time storage of the reed straws, you have to clean them after every usage. The straws are also dishwasher safe, so you can clean them in the dishwasher without deforming and altering them. If the straws are not cleaned after drinking, then the drink may accumulate over the straw, which can reduce the straw life.                                   

After cleaning, you must allow the complete drying of straws by providing them with proper ventilation. If you ensure the proper cleaning and drying of straws and provide ventilation, you can store the reed straws even for several months. So, you must provide a breathable and convenient environment for the long-term storage of the reed straws. 

8 -Where Can I Buy Premium Reed Straws?

Reed straws are composed of plant-based natural materials with no interference from chemicals. That is why they are used worldwide in different bars and restaurants and by people of all ages. They are easily available in the local straw store. Moreover, you can also purchase them in online stores through their websites.

But, for this purpose, you must select an authentic online store to get your demanded quantity and quality of reed straws at a reasonable cost. If you are trying to start a business of reed straws, then you can purchase them by contacting the wholesale and manufacturing companies of reed straws. The sellers may offer you reed straws of various sizes, colours, and quantities t, but you can purchase them as per your requirements at budget-friendly prices.

9 -Price Comparison of Reed Straws From Different Manufacturers

The price comparison of reed straws from different manufacturers is as follows.

1- Hiro Pack


Price of Reed drinking straws:

  1. US $0.085 50,000-499,999 Pieces
  2. US $0.05 500,000+ Pieces            

2-Eco Choice

  1. 10 – 19 reed straws/$11.40
  2. 5 – 9 reed straws/$11.60
  3. Regularly straws/$11.99


  1. US $0.01/ Piece

4- Homestraw

  1. US $0.02/ Piece           

5-Greenhome International

  1. US $0.038-0.045/Piece

10- Comparison Between Reed Straws and Other Straws

Here is a comparison of reed straws with other types of straws.

Reed Straws Vs. Paper Straws:

Both reed straws are renewable and eco-friendly straws and admirable alternatives to non-biodegradable plastic straws


Reed drinking straws are manufactured by the stem of the natural reed plant. In contrast, paper and other straws have different manufacturing materials as they are made of paper material derived from plants.


Reed drinking straws offer greater durability than paper and other commonly used straws. Reed straws are less delicate and possess higher strength than paper and other straws. They do not easily get sogged and collapse in the drink. On the other hand, paper and other straws are soggier than reed straws and deform after remaining a few minutes in the drinks.


Reed and paper straws are biodegradable, compostable, and eco-friendly straws. They are easily biodegraded by microorganisms, causing no harmful environmental effects. But the reed straws are made of natural reed plants which are more environmentally friendly than other straws.                    


Reed and paper straws come in various sizes, patterns, and colours. But the reed straws’ overall appearance is more naturalistic than the paper and steel straws. So, to give your drink an organic feel, you can go for the reed straw. But, to add funky colours to your drinks, paper straw is a perfect choice.

Reed Straws Vs. Bamboo Straws:


As discussed above, the reed straws are made up of the stem of the reed plan. On the other hand, bamboo straws are manufactured through bamboo stalks. Both are biodegradable and eco-friendly materials, posing no harmful effects on humans and the environment.

Comparison of opening diameter:

The walls of the reed straws are thinner than the walls of bamboo straws. That’s why the reed straws have a bigger opening diameter than a bamboo drinking straws. Unlike the reed straws, the opening diameter of bamboo straws ranges from 6mm-8mm to 9mm-11mm.


The reed drinking straws are cheaper as compared to the bamboo drinking straw. Their price is 50%-60% lower than the bamboo straw


There are varieties of plastics and metals used to make straws, but these straws are not biodegradable. Due to the metal and plastic straws, environmental pollution is enhanced. To avoid such harm, reed straws are substitutes for all the various kinds of straws and are easily decomposed in nature. Reed straws are 100% organic and safe to use.

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