Is Paper Straw Gluten Real?

(Last Updated On: February 27, 2023)

Drinking straws such as plastic straws, bamboo straws, wheat straws, pasta straws, and stainless steel straws, etc are the main product used for a wide range of tasty drinks, such as smoothies, juices, coffees, and other hot and cold drinks. Different straws are made by different companies and are manufactured with different materials that may have beneficial and harmful effects on human health and the environment. 

If the company has little knowledge and expertise in making straws. In that case, there may be chances of mal manufacturing of straws, and their straws may contain chemicals that can trigger allergic reactions in the human body and can cause dermatitis. Some straws manufactured by inexperienced and newly made companies release toxic chemicals in liquids, so always purchase straws from a wholesale and verified company in which drinking straws are manufactured by experts. 

For example, straws may contain gluten and can cause severe allergies in people allergic to gluten. So people are recommended to use gluten-free products and avoid gluten-containing straws to prevent such allergies. But you need to select the right manufacturing company for your business.

Among drinking straws, paper straws are eco-friendly and biodegradable drinking straws that are manufactured and utilized worldwide. They are excellent alternatives to single-use plastic straws and decompose naturally.

If you are looking for paper straws and wondering whether they contain gluten that can cause an allergic reaction, then you are at the right place. Here in this article, we have the perfect answers to your questions. You will learn all about gluten sensitivity and gluten-free drinking straws.

What is Gluten and Gluten Sensitivity?

Gluten is a naturally occurring structural protein in cereal grains such as wheat, rye, barley, etc. It is a type of wheat protein. Glutenin and Gliadin are their main proteins and help maintain the shape of the food by acting as an adhesive. It aids in holding the food together. It is present in all those grains that are thought to cause celiac diseases in humans. 

Gluten is known to be a major cause of gluten sensitivity in people allergic to the gluten protein. Such people can face various health issues, including headaches, eczema, stomach pain, diarrhea, weight loss, joint and bone pain, fatigue, etc.

People with gluten sensitivity can suffer from these health issues after consuming gluten, so they should use gluten-free straws. Gluten ingestion can lead to severe dermatitis herpetiform in people that are suffering from celiac disease.

But, if you have no gluten-related problem, you will show none of these symptoms. The symptoms and signs of gluten sensitivity are similar to those of celiac disease and gluten intolerance.

But they are completely different health issues. In the case of gluten sensitivity, no immune reaction is caused in the intestine, and no damage occurs to the gut lining, which is the key feature in celiac diseases. It only causes digestive discomfort in gluten-allergic people with no major chronic health problems.

Who is Not Suitable for Using Paper Straws Gluten?

As we discussed earlier, the gluten proteins in certain grains can cause serious digestive complaints and must be avoided by folks with a gluten allergy. Like several different products, gluten was thought to be a major part of the paper drinking straws.

It recommends restricting the use of these straws by people with gluten sensitivity. This restriction is because these straws can pass gluten into their bodies during drinking and disturb their digestive system. 

But with time, many scientists and manufacturers have clarified that paper straws are gluten-free and biodegradable, friendly straws. They contain natural compounds that possess no harmful effects on gluten-allergic people.

If you are allergic to gluten or suffer from gluten-related diseases, there is no need to prevent these straws. You can use them constantly without disturbing your digestive system and triggering gluten-related reactions such as dermatitis herpetiform.

In short, the use of paper straws is not associated with any gluten-related diseases because of the absence of gluten in these drinking straws. But if gluten badly affects your health, you must avoid gluten-containing products for health maintenance. 

Why Do Some Straws Contain Gluten? How to Distinguish?

Drinking straws have served the drinking purpose worldwide for a long time. A wide range of manufacturing companies is manufacturing drinking straws on a large scale. The drinking straws manufactured with biodegradable, sustainable, and environmentally friendly materials are mostly prioritized. This priority is because such straws contain natural, harmless materials used in restaurants, hotels, drinking bars, and houses.

But in some cases,  straws such as rye or wheat straws or pasta straws may contain a natural protein called gluten as an essential component that can be alarming for some people.

Straws with gluten do not cause any disturbance in those people that are not affected by this protein. But, if people with gluten-related disorders use these gluten-containing straws for drinking, they will have digestive problems such as diarrhea, fatigue, etc. Therefore, such people must avoid gluten-containing straws to maintain a healthy body system and for preventing allergies.

If you are still determining whether the straw you use contains gluten, you must check its composition, which is labeled in its packaging as evidence. If it contains gluten, you must avoid using it for the rest of your life to prevent health complications.

Does the Paper Straw of the Homestraw Contain Gluten? Is it Safe to Use?

The answer to this question is “YES”. Homestraw is the world’s leading and certified company that is gaining popularity by manufacturing excellent quality products. We manufacture all products by keeping in mind the safety of our community.  Drinking straws are among its main products that are getting appreciation from worldwide customers because of their durability and harmless component properties.

The home straws’ drinking straws are biodegradable, eco-friendly, and safe for humans. They do not cause land pollution or any health hazards. As discussed earlier, paper straws might contain a definite amount of gluten that can disturb the body of those who are allergic to gluten. The same concept arises in the case of paper straws manufactured by the Homestraw company. 

But with the evidence, we claim that our paper straws are gluten-free and don’t contain gluten even in a minute amount. We manufacture paper straws with food-grade kraft paper that is safe to use and FDA-approved. It is biodegradable and harmless, containing no toxic substances.

If you are suffering from the risk of triggering allergies due to gluten and other dermatitis issues, then our paper straws should be your first choice. They lack gluten and can help you enjoy your drink without worrying about illness.

Moreover, people suffering from other allergies can also safely use our paper straws. In short, our food-grade kraft paper-based paper straws are safe for all types of folks of all ages. You can get an outstanding drinking experience using our straws at cost-effective prices.

Our Other Gluten-Free Plant Straws?

Homestraw manufactures straws by considering their effects on the environment, human health, and marine life. Our company avoids any material that can cause toxicity. The material is carefully checked by our experts.  We only use natural and organic materials to get the best results regarding our drinking straws.

All drinking straws are toxins and gluten-free, manufactured in a safe environment, and under experienced supervision, and are not involved in causing any type of allergy and dermatitis problems. We also provide evidence of straws lacking harmful chemicals to enhance the trust of our free community. 

That’s why our straws are top-rated and much liked by our customers. We are not manufacturing the straws in a limited amount, but there is a wide range of straws containing different safe materials.

Along with the paper straws, our other straws include bamboo straws, reed straws, wheat straws, and many other types of straws you can find while visiting our website. Here is a brief description of these safe plastic straw alternatives.

Bamboo Straws:

Our bamboo straws being plastic straw alternatives are natural drinking straws manufactured with the bamboo plant’s stalk and are also considered great alternatives to pollution-causing plastic straws. They lack any external toxic chemicals and gluten and are organic. The following are the main facts about our bamboo straws.

  • Biodegradable and Eco-Friendly:

We manufacture bamboo straws from biodegradable materials. It means you can dispose of one on the land without causing landfills and pollution. When you throw them away, they undergo a breakdown process by microorganisms in the land. They disappear from land with no chance of causing pollution. Therefore, our straws are considered eco-friendly, having no interference in the world’s challenging issues. 

  • Reusable:

The best thing about our biodegradable straws is that they are reusable, unlike plastic straws. You don’t need to throw them away after single time use as they retain their shape and functioning. You can use them multiple times for drinking purposes. It will help save you money by preventing you from repeatedly buying straws. 

  • Heat-Resistant:

Our biodegradable bamboo drinking straws are manufactured in such a way that they offer resistance to high temperatures. You can use them for hot drinks as they do not deform or undergo any change in their shape. They allow a free flow of drinks even when you keep them in hot drinks. Our straws also prevent the burning of your mouth or tongue. 

  • Durable:

The durability of the straws is among the main requirements that should be present in the straws. Our bamboo straws show greater durability and offer long-term functioning. As they are made of strong bamboo stalks, they provide appreciable durability and don’t break easily, even after multiple uses.

  • Compostable:

Unlike drinking straws made of plastic material, bamboo drinking straws are compostable. You can say that they can be recycled and converted into compost material. They are suitable for people of all ages, including kids, adults, etc.

  • Non-allergic:

Bamboo straws are made with natural bamboo. They lack any external harmful chemicals that can act as allergens which can result in serious allergic reactions in their users. Therefore, people with certain allergies can fearlessly use them to drink their favorite smoothies, juices, and other drinks at any time. 

Reed Straws:

We manufacture reed straws from safe and clean dried reeds. Their manufacturing process is straightforward, with no addition of environment and health-disrupting chemicals and allergens. Our 100% natural reed straws possess the following features.

  • Lack of Gluten:

Our reed straws contain no gluten and can decompose naturally without having any hazardous effects on the environment. Therefore they are best for all types of people, even those with gluten allergies. Now you can use these straws for drinks without compromising your health. 

  • Biodegradable and Recyclable:

Our reed drinking straws are biodegradable. They are beneficial for reducing the carbon footprints of the environment as they don’t remain on land after disposal. Moreover, they are recyclable and can be recycled after using them as drinking straws. So, you can say that our environmental-friendly reed straws have no effects on our climate and are not responsible for any severe climatic changes due to pollution. 

  • Decreases global waste pollution:

Our reed straws are not involved in contributing to any type of land and water pollution as they are plastic straw alternatives. This is because we don’t add any chemicals to them, which are commonly found in plastic straws. They don’t give rise to any pollution. It helps greatly in decreasing global waste pollution and helps in reducing carbon footprints to a large extent. 

  • Suitable for all types of Drinks:

You can enjoy all types of drinks with our natural reed drinking straws. They don’t absorb heat in hot drinks. They don’t cause any damage or pain to your mouth. Moreover, they don’t undergo structural deformation no matter how long you keep them in your drink. They retain their shape no matter how often you use them for drinking purposes. 

Wheat Straws:

Our wheat straws are also the perfect alternatives to harmful drinking straws such as plastic straws because of their organic nature. We manufacture wheat straws from the stem of the wheat plant, which is considered an agricultural by-product. There is no interference of any external toxic chemicals in their manufacturing. The following are the main facts about our wheat drinking straws.

  • Gluten-Free:

Our wheat straws don’t contain gluten and are only composed of natural wheat stem material. The absence of gluten makes these straws the perfect choice for those allergic to gluten. Our wheat straws do not trigger gluten-related diseases in gluten-allergic people, so people use these straws without fearing allergies.

  • Compostable and Biodegradable:

Our wheat straws are completely compostable and biodegradable. You can break them into tiny components without fear of the release of toxic chemicals or substances in the environment. You can convert them into compost material after using them as drinking straws several times. They are safe for marine life and also safe for our land.

  • Anti-odour and Anti-Bacterial:

Our wheat straws are anti-odor and antibacterial as they remain unaffected by the harmful effects of bacteria that prevent them from a lot of damage caused by bacteria. Moreover, they do not change the drink’s taste. You can use them for all types of drinks without altering their taste. In addition, their antibacterial properties provide them greater durability and protect them from bacteria effects. So, you can use them multiple times without any bacterial effects.

In addition to all the features mentioned above, our best quality and friendly straws are available at reasonable prices. They are affordable for all our customers and can be used for a lot of tasty drinks. There is no age restriction for using our straws.

They are suitable options for kids, adults, and folks of other ages. The safe side of straws is that they are harmless for people that may face allergies and other dermatitis problems due to chemicals that may be present in some straws, such as pasta straws (containing gluten).

  • Compostable and recyclable:

Wheat straws are the best drinking straws you can recycle whenever you want. After using them as drinking straws, you can melt them into a pulp and successfully convert them into different desired products in the same way as wheat utensils. This way, these straws can serve multiple functioning for a long period. 


Gluten is a protein that occurs naturally and is found in different substances and dietary products. Paper straws containing gluten were a major issue in past years. But research studies have revealed and claimed that paper straws don’t contain even a trace amount of gluten.

They are gluten-free, so they can be utilized by those who face disturbed health systems due to gluten. Such people only avoid gluten-containing straws for better health maintenance.

Homestraw manufactures gluten-free paper straws that are safer for everyone and perfect plastic straw alternatives. In addition to paper straws, our other straws, including bamboo straws, reed straws, and wheat straws, are gluten-free and manufactured with plant-based natural material preventing dermatitis and other allergic problems. Their exceptional properties make them best for drinking a wide range of drinks at a budget-friendly cost. 

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