How to clean bamboo straw?

(Last Updated On: June 22, 2022)

You’ve finally gotten yourself bamboo straws, you’ve enjoyed your first drink and now you’re looking to wash the straws. Bamboo straws are simple to maintain and clean. There are a few items you can include in your routine of cleaning and a great bamboo straw are likely to last for quite a while.

Rinse bamboo straws following every use. Make sure to clean and scrub the inside of the house with an exterior cleaning brush After 15 times, clean your straws with boiling water and vinegar.

Use coconut oil on bamboo straws following two months of usage After every use, be sure to wash the bamboo straws immediately. You can do this by placing the bamboo straws in the running water or washing them in the hot water with soap.

Additionally, you can use your natural coconut husk cleanser to scrub the interior of the straws in order to clean them.

Here are some additional tricks and tips that we recommend. After one month of using your straws, place the straws in pots that are boiling water, along with some vinegar.

Allow them to soak for a few minutes, and voila. After that, rub some coconut oil both on the sides and the inside of the straws.

This isn’t necessary however we do like doing it because straws appear more vibrant and last longer.

Maintain your Bamboo Straws

We’ve got more vital maintenance and cleaning tips for your bamboo straws, too. Be sure the straws are dry prior to using them again. They will dry up quickly!

Dry the sand in a standing position in order that the water flows straight towards the bottom.

Drying them in a horizontal manner will result in longer drying times because the water is held in one location.

Bamboo straws last for a long time provided they receive the proper treatment. Bamboo straws for more than two years.

However, we suggest that you use straws throughout the year. Most of our customers use them for at least a year.

This will ensure the cleanliness that the straws are kept. If you notice any change in the colour or flavour of the straws we highly recommend replacing the straws.

Bamboo straws have a neutral taste and should not alter the flavour of your drink.

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