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How Long are Drinking Straws? Size Guide for You.

(Last Updated On: May 19, 2022)

You’ve probably noticed when ordering a drink that many consumers want or order a straw.

This is because they can easily use it to drink sodas or mix cocktails. However, if you include straws with every purchase, you have the perfect opportunity to add a humorous touch to drinks and grab your customers’ attention. It’s important to understand the benefits of each straw.

When so many straws are on the market, this makes it easy to find the straws that best suit your beverages and meet the needs of your facility. We highlight the differences between each straw in our in-depth guide to ensuring you’re getting the best drinking straws for your business.

Standard Size Straws: REUSABLE

The common dimension for reusable straws is 6mm long and 0.24″ wide. This is by far the most common straw size a is suitable for most applications. The Basic 8.9mm or 12mm Straws are available in curved or straight stainless steel straw shapes, in standard polished silver, or in colours that won’t scratch.

Also available in 6mm drinking straws and 8mm drinking straws

Disposable Straws VS. Reusable

When purchasing drinking straws, disposable straws and reusable straws are available. Because they can be used with Togo and Dine-in drinks, disposable straws are most commonly used in hospitality establishments.

Table-top restaurants often offer reusable straws with drinks, juices, water, and other beverages with extra charges. Offering a premium look that allows restaurants to easily enhance cocktail presentations, these straws are a premium replacement for disposable straws.


Some consumers and food and beverage companies prefer a slightly larger width straw to allow for a more liquid movement like Straws with a width of .30″ to .33″ or 6mm drinking straws and 8mm drinking straws are considered broad. Upon request, we can make wide reusable straws as an upgrade to our regular 8.5-inch straws.


These straws are a great option when you prefer a larger straw for thicker liquids. A regular smoothie straw is 8.5 or 9 inches long but has a wider opening. Measuring 3.6 inches in diameter, some people like straight reusable smoothie straws while others prefer curved reusable smoothie straws.

Reusable straws for SMOOTHIE are ideal for drinks such as smoothies, superfood mixes, shake powders, and yoghurt.

Why are plastic straws banned? Plastic straws have been banned in various cities and catering businesses across the country due to their environmental impact. Plastic straws don’t biodegrade or spoil, which is why they end up in landfills for hundreds of years.

Instead, they break down into microplastics that end up in the water and negatively impact marine biodiversity.

Alternates to Plastic Straws

Many eco-friendly alternatives have been developed to prevent plastic straws from further polluting the environment.


PLA straws are made from bioplastics derived from renewable sources such as corn starch, sugar cones cassava roots.

PLA straws, unlike regular plastic straws, are commercially biodegradable and offer an eco-friendly alternative for serving drinks. Just like regular plastic straws, PLA straws are strong and sturdy, ensuring they hold their shape in cold drinks to provide customers with a comfortable drinking experience.

Now Where to buy long drinking straws

If you’re interested in buying you can search in your browser for these and also buy from the market pack of 12 drinking straws and 9 drinking straws.


Bright-coloured dark-coloured drinks will cause stains on your pearly white teeth. The most effective thanks to stop staining your teeth is to avoid drinking these forms of beverages entirely, however, this isn’t perpetually possible, which is why several dentists suggest employing a straw.

After you drink brightly coloured in darkness coloured beverages through a straw, you cut back the number of contact between the beverages and your teeth. The less these beverages inherit direct contact together with your teeth, the less probably you’re to develop visible stains.

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