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Do you know the wheat fiber straw?

(Last Updated On: November 23, 2021)

Wheat fiber environmental protection material: It is a new type of green environmental protection biological material compounded by wheat straw and polymer resin through a special process.

The wheat fiber environmental protection material has the following advantages:

Green and environmental protection: Comprehensive utilization of crop straws to reduce air pollution caused by straw incineration; its products can be degraded within 6-18 months under composting conditions after being discarded, with low carbon emissions, and can also be recycled and reused.

Excellent performance: Its performance is similar to that of traditional polymer resin, its strength is moderate, its appearance is smooth, it feels comfortable, and it is static-free.

Resource saving: the use of wheat fiber materials can partially replace the use of traditional petroleum products and reduce dependence on petroleum resources; the processing temperature is about 40 degrees lower than that of traditional plastics, which also saves a lot of energy.

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