Disadvantages of Paper Straws

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Paper straws don’t have the same value, performance or experience for users as plastic straws.


Paper straws are currently more expensive than straws made from plastic.

In addition, the initial price of straws made from paper at present is higher, but also because straws made from paper aren’t as long-lasting or durable as plastic straws they often cause customers to request several straws at the time of their visit.

One of the main issues with straws made of paper is their more expensive prices. This is mostly because of their materials. In the end, numerous businesses are not able to pay for these. So they opt to continue making use of cheaper alternatives such as plastic.

Performance / Durability

The lifespan of a paper straw is dependent on the manufacturer, however, it’s not as durable as straws made of plastic.

The usefulness of straws made from paper will diminish when they are allowed to sit in liquid.

Pro Tip: Just like straws made of plastic, straws made from paper shouldn’t be used in conjunction with hot beverages. Hot liquids can cause a straw made of paper to change shape more quickly.

User Experience

Even though it is still usable even when the straw is soft, people often react to straws that are too wet.

The longer a straw made of paper remains in liquid, the more it will begin to degrade.

Many customers are uncomfortable with straws made of paper, especially during the consumption of hot drinks. Straws made of paper tend to become watery after a short time. Some even admit to drinking portions out of their paper, particularly in the case where the paper used isn’t of a high quality. Additionally, straws made from 3 layers are unable to puncture the seal.

 Why are straws made from paper not good?

Paper straws tend to not be more durable than other options however they are expensive. Some straws quickly turn watery and can break down if put in beverages for a prolonged duration. This is the reason why many companies do not like using them.

Are straws made of paper recyclable?

It depends. Paper itself is recyclable but it’s not an assurance for straws made of paper. Certain straws come with plastic lines to ensure they remain intact. Others are too heavy and bulky.

Additionally, in the majority of instances, recyclers will not accept straws that have been contaminated by food. Paper straws can typically be recyclable only in the case of thin, pure, and are only used for drinking water.

Are straws made from paper harmful to your health?

According to researchers, some elements found in paper straws can be harmful to the health of people such as whiteners, dyes, and whiteners. If they are immersed in liquid for an extended duration the elements are absorbed into the drink, and they are consumed. A lot of large-scale paper straw manufacturers will establish the highest and most rigorous testing standards for these substances.

How long will straws made of paper last?

Paper straws can last from 2 and 4 hours before they begin to melt and dissolve. However, this is dependent on other elements, including the grade of paper used in its manufacture and whether or not it’s covered with plastic, and the temperature of the drink and so on.

What makes paper straws costlier?

Paper straws cost more than 10 times more than straws made of plastic, primarily because of the material used. In the end, the final cost is astronomically higher.

The process of making paper straws uses more resources. This could result in more costly for companies because customers might require more straws as straws aren’t durable.

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