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Comes With A Natural Biodegradable Straw-Reed Straw

reed straws,reed straw,eco straw
(Last Updated On: September 8, 2021)


Conventional size length 14 cm-22 cm outer diameter: 4 mm-12 mm can be customized according to customer needs.


Life, home, travel, restaurants, coffee shops. Replace plastic/paper straws, pure plant degradable straws can be reused many times.


Children and pregnant women straws, environmentally friendly biodegradable straws, biodegradable eight-treasure porridge straws, biodegradable soy milk straws, biodegradable juice straws, biodegradable black rice porridge straws, biodegradable bar straws, biodegradable coffee straws, biodegradable milk tea straws, biodegradable pumpkin porridge straws, biodegradable sugar water straws Biodegradable bubble tea straws are a substitute for disposable plastic straws. Free trial application

The straw is subjected to high temperature sterilization treatments such as peeling, polishing, sorting, cutting, fine processing, film removal, and steaming of the plant stem. The liquid bubble is not soft, sticky, does not stick to the mouth, and does not stick to the mouth for a long time. The user experience is similar to that of traditional plastics. The straw is no different. And the specification is complete, the size is optional, such as the cup with particles, or the cup with viscous liquid, and the daily soy milk or beverage, all have different specifications. The fully biodegradable straws (compostable) can be reused multiple times, reducing customer costs, and perfectly replacing plastic straws and paper straws.

reed straws,reed straw,eco straw

Advantages of reed straws:

1. Food grade material has no peculiar smell;

2. High-temperature cooking + ultraviolet radiation does not hide bacteria;

3. No heavy metals in authoritative testing;

4. Natural environmental protection and degradable;

PK with paper straws: reed straws, high temperature resistance, strong hardness, liquid bubbles are not soft, not sticky, and not sticky;

Compared with traditional straws PK: Reed straws are made of pure natural plant materials, environmentally friendly and green, and can be composted and fully biodegradable;

PK with glass straws: safer and easier to carry;

PK with stainless steel straws: the price is more affordable.

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