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Coffee grounds can also be made into straws

(Last Updated On: September 13, 2021)

Drinking 2 billion cups of coffee produces 6 million tons of waste coffee grounds every year, and most of the coffee grounds are usually discarded directly as garbage, which is likely to cause environmental pollution.

The “coffee ground straw” is a biologically explanatory straw made of PLA (polylactic acid) and coffee grounds. It degrades by more than 90% within 4 months. The coffee grounds used in the straw manufacturing are all extracted from Starbucks’ own coffee for reuse.

It is reported that this biodegradable “coffee ground straw” is made by reusing the extracted coffee powder and combining it with food contact-grade polylactic acid material (PLA). It can be degraded by 90% within 4 months. Higher than the 6-month standard required by domestic and foreign laws and regulations.

coffee ground straw

At the same time, the “coffee ground straw” has a new “upgrade” compared to paper straws because of its tougher material. Not only will it not become softer after long-term soaking, it will be more resistant to stirring, and it will not stick to the mouth and suck large fruits. The grain is smoother.

Coffee grounds are the most common “junk” in coffee shops. A research report released in 2011 showed that people around the world drink about 2 billion cups of coffee every day, producing 6 million tons of waste coffee grounds each year, and most of the coffee grounds are usually thrown away as garbage, which is easy to cause the environment. Pollution.

Beginning last year, Starbucks launched a series of daily necessities such as mugs and notebooks made of recycled environmentally friendly materials. This recycled new environmentally friendly material is reconstituted from coffee grounds recovered from Starbucks stores (the content of coffee grounds in the material exceeds 30%).

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