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Bamboo straw vs Metal straw

(Last Updated On: June 16, 2022)

Have you ever considered that approximately 170 million plastic straws that are single-use are used daily in the USA by themselves? This is a significant amount of plastic waste that is extremely harmful to the world. Our society is becoming more aware of this problem, which is causing an increased demand for bamboo straws that can be reused and straws made of steel.

So, who is the winner between bamboo straws in comparison to metallic straws? Bamboo straws are the most suitable option for those looking for a natural item and also for people with metal allergies. Metal straws offer the highest durability and are green, are available in a range of varieties of styles and colours as well as being easy to wash. People trying to be more eco-friendly in their everyday practices will probably want to purchase reusable straws to reduce the immense plastic pollution issue we are facing. This guide will assist you to determine which straw is best for you.

Bamboo Straws vs Metal Straws: Which Is Better?

The two most popular and obvious alternatives for those who are switching to a reusable straw made of bamboo or steel. This is a thorough analysis of both.

The Material

Bamboo is a natural resource of the planet. Bamboo is among the fastest-growing in the world and requires only a small amount of water to produce. It does not require harmful chemicals and it can be completely biodegradable. Metal is a non-natural material that is produced by a method that is resource-intensive. But, it’s extremely robust, extremely resistant to breaking and is able to be cleaned and reused for a long period of time. Additionally, it is completely recyclable!

Which is More Durable?

 Bamboo straws are generally designed to last at least a year, as long as you maintain them. Some straws are known to last for a few years or even longer. However, most people change their bamboo straws after six months. It is likely that you’ll need at minimum two bamboo straws each year. However, this is much smaller than straws made of plastic! Metal straws are definitely more robust than bamboo straws. If properly taken care of with regular cleaning and proper storage, you can count on your straw made of metal to last at least three to five years.

What About the Temperature of My Beverage?

Bamboo straws aren’t going to alter the temperature of your drink, so they are perfect for cold and hot beverages. A straw made of steel can make your cold drink colder, which could be an advantage for certain people. But when it comes to drinking a hot drink, you have to be cautious. The straw’s metal will heat up quickly, and you could be at risk of burning your lips.

What About Aftertaste?

Bamboo straws not covered and left in boiling or hot in water too long may leave a “grassy” or “woody” aftertaste. Bamboo straws covered are more likely to leave no taste aftertaste at all. Be aware that there are many qualities. It’s always worthwhile to make a wise purchase and stay away from bamboo straws that are cheap and offered by some businesses. You’re less likely to have an unpleasant aftertaste when using straws made of metal. So long as you maintain it in a clean state the straw will never alter its taste. If a metal straw is not cleaned regularly, it may develop a slight aftertaste. Always clean and store your straw properly.

Is it Safe?

Bamboo straws are totally safe. Bamboo is made without toxic chemicals, and bamboo is naturally antimicrobial and can effectively stop mould. Bamboo is organic and natural. It is the straw of nature. The security of a steel straw depends on where you purchase it from. It is always recommended to purchase stainless steel straws so that you can take advantage of their anti-corrosive qualities and ensure that you purchase from a reliable company. People who are allergic to nickel should be extremely cautious as most metal straws available sold on the market are made of this white, silvery-white shiny metal. Cutlery made of steel is usually constructed using 18/8 materials, which means it is food grade safe. Be extra cautious when drinking hot beverages to avoid burning your lips.

Which is Better for the Environment?

Bamboo straws undergo a lower production cost than metal. Bamboo is a naturally occurring plant that grows extremely quickly, doesn’t require harmful chemicals and enhances its fertility in the soil it is grown in. Furthermore, once it’s no longer of benefit, it can be composted and then returned to the soil. Metal, although more damaging to make in the beginning, however, compensates by its endurance. It is possible that you have used the equivalent of ten bamboo straws before the straw made of metal will give in. It’s because metal straw has less impact on the environment as compared to bamboo when you take into account its entire life cycle. Also, steel is 100% recyclable after the time you’ve used it.

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