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7 Issues To Consider Before Purchasing Stretch Film

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In the dynamic world of packaging, where protection is prioritized, the choice of stretch film or wrap can significantly affect the safety of your packaged products.  When it comes to safety,  stretch film plays a vital role in safeguarding and securing the products during storage and transportation.

Choosing the correct type of stretch film might be taken lightly, but it is crucial to select the right one for its proper working. The transporting items rely mainly on the choice of your stretch films. Before buying stretch film, it is recommended to consider the issues that can break your packaging strategy. 

If you need more information about choosing a good stretch film, you can find it here. In this guide, we are going to explore the main problems and their convenient solutions that you must consider before choosing a stretch film. By addressing these issues, you will easily move toward selecting the right type of stretch films. Additionally, we will discuss other information about stretch film or wrap, including its types, properties, application, and other related information.

What is Stretch Film?

A stretch film is also designated as a stretch wrap or a palette wrap. It is basically a thin, highly stretchable plastic film that is specifically utilized in the packaging industry for wrapping around products or palletized loads. It is a versatile packaging material used to secure and protect the transporting items. It is typically composed of linear, low-density polyethylene or similar polymers.

Stretch film is either applied manually or by using machines to secure wrapping products. When it is stretched, it adheres tightly to itself and creates a secure seal around the items. Thus, it protects the wrapped products from dust and other environmental factors. It is available in different sizes, lengths, thicknesses, and widths to easily accommodate a wide range of packaging requirements. 

Types of Stretch Films

Stretch films are categorized into two main types based on their manufacturing. These are briefly discussed below.

1- Hand Stretch Film:

Hand stretch film is also recognized as manual pallet wrap, hand stretch wrap, or hand film. It is designed for workers to apply it manually. It is used to wrap smaller loads, which can be wrapped quickly without the use of machinery. Additionally, it is commonly used by those companies that wrap tiny volumes of products on a regular basis or typically a maximum of 50 pallets per day. It is available in different thicknesses and widths and is applied by manually wrapping it around the items. After manual application, it is stretched to achieve the desired tension to secure the products and food items.

Here are some types of hand stretch films.

  • VCI Stretch Film
  • NO Cling Stretch Film
  • Color Stretch Film, etc

2- Machine Stretch Film:

Machine stretch wrapper or film is designed and applied using specialized stretch wrapping machines that work in an automated way.  A stretch wrapper is a more efficient and faster option for wrapping items than manual wrapping. This type of stretch wrapper or film is often available in large rolls that are suitable for wrapping large volumes of products. The wrapping is done through automated machinery instead of manual application. The machines stretch and wrap the stretch films around the loads or pallets and achieve the required tension for the safe packaging of the underlying products.

The following common types of machine stretch wrappers.

  • Blown Film
  • Hay Baling Stretch Film
  • Cast Stretch Film, etc

Blown film is more durable and has higher tear resistance than other stretch wrappers. 

Properties of Stretch Film

Let’s move into exploring the common properties of stretchfilm. Stretch film used for food wrapping, particularly in commercial and industrial settings, possesses several important properties that make it suitable for this application. Here are some fundamental properties of stretch film used for food wrapping:

  • Stretch films offer high stretchability. It allows it to conform securely and tightly to the shape of the products being wrapped, resulting in stable packaging.
  • It exhibits cling properties, which means that it automatically adheres to the loads during wrapping. It prevents the shifting of the wrapped products during transportation.
  • It offers high strength, which makes it durable. It prevents the wrapped items from any damage during transporting, handling, and storage. 
  • Stretch film offers various thicknesses. The thicker one offers more load-holding capability and durability.
  • It is often transparent, which allows for the visual inspection of the wrapped items. The transparency eliminates the need to unwrap the packaged load for quality control checks and product identifications.
  • One of the essential properties of stretch film for food wrapping is its ability to cling tightly to surfaces, especially when wrapping food items. This clingability ensures that the film adheres securely to the food product or container, creating a protective seal that helps to preserve freshness and prevent contamination.
  • Most stretchfilm offers high resistance to UV rays, which protects packaged items from any damage that UV rays can cause. It helps in maintaining the integrity of the products when they are exposed to UV rays. 
  • Stretch films offer high elasticity. It allows them to come back back to their original position after they are stretched, 
  • Stretch film is used for food wrapping because of its transparency. The film is typically clear or lightly tinted, allowing for easy visibility of the wrapped food item. This transparency is beneficial for identifying packaged contents, checking food quality, and enhancing product presentation.

7 Issues to Consider Before Purchasing Stretch Film:

Choosing the correct type of stretch film is a convenient solution for its appropriate job performance. If people carelessly choose a stretch film for wrapping the items or pallets loads, they may have to face different problems regarding packaging. 

Therefore, clarity of these issues is important to overcome them and fulfill your packaging needs. The following are the main issues people must consider before purchasing stretch films.

1- Quality of Stretch Film:

Before choosing a stretch film, make sure it is manufactured using high-quality materials. Such stretch films offer excellent quality. A low-quality stretch wrap can badly affect the packaging by negatively affecting the load stability. Such stretch wraps are easily prone to breakages, punctures, and tears, leading to poor protection of the wrapped items. It also lacks the required to-cling properties, so it will not adhere tightly to the packaged items. 

Additionally, it will be stretched slowly, which ultimately ends up in the uneven wrapping of the products. The low-quality stretch items can cause product damage, collapsing, and contamination of the packaged items during storage and transportation. Therefore, it is necessary to choose a high-quality stretch wrap to prevent such issues and to ensure safe packaging. 

2- Strength & Durability:

It is essential to consider the strength and durability of stretch film before choosing a specific one. Make sure to choose stretch film exhibiting greater strength and durability. Such stretch wraps will ensure the protection of the wrapped items during storage and transportation by offering high resistance to breakage and any other damage. They will easily withstand any pressure during handling and transportation and minimize the chances of product damage. However, if the stretch wraps offer low strength and durability, it will not only enhance the risk of product breakage but also reduce the load’s stability and operational efficiency. 

3- Stretchability:

Choosing the stretch wrap exhibiting the right amount of stretchability based on the lighter and heavier load is essential. They may exhibit low or high stretchability based on their application. Keep in mind that you must choose a stretch film with moderate stretchability or lighter load and high stretchability stretch wraps for heavier loads or products with greater weight.

The reason is that the stretch film with lighter stretchability will securely wrap around the wrap without too much stretching and tearing. On the other hand, the stretch wrap for heavier loads should be very stretchy to ensure the appropriate holding of the packaged items without tearing. Choosing the stretch film with inappropriate stretchability may not work correctly and may tear in no time.

4- Thickness:

Investing in a stretch film with the wrong thickness that is compatible with your load can be a significant issue. Therefore, it is always suggested that the thickness of the stretch film be considered to ensure its better performance. In order to load small loads and light objects, it is suggested that a stretch gauged film with a thickness of 40-80 Gauge is good to use. Whale 80-125 gauged film is a preferred option for large palletized loads and heavy objects.

Likewise, if you are going to pack bulky or sharp-edge items or those with extra heavy weight, then stretch-gauged films with 125-150 Gauge is undoubtedly the best option. Choosing stretch films with the wrong thickness will not only cause inadequate protection but also elevate the chances of the breakage of the products.

5- Compatibility with Packing Machinery:

When choosing a stretch film, make sure that it can be wrapped manually or through machinery. If you have to warp manually, then go for the hand-stretch film. Otherwise, machine stretch film is a must-go option if you are looking to wrap through machines. But in the latter case, you know that the stretch film must be compatible with the packing machinery. 

Make sure that the stretch film must align with the existing wrapping machinery. It will ensure safe wrapping by increasing efficiency and reducing the chances of operational disruptions. However, incompatible stretch films will cause defaulted wrapping due to machinery malfunction, jamming, or tearing during the wrapping process. Compatibility with packing machinery will optimize the performance and ensure a streamlined wrapping process.

6- Cost:

Cost is a dominant issue that must be considered before choosing to purchase stretch films or wraps. Stretch films offered at low cost are usually manufactured with low-quality material. Thus, such stretch films exhibit low quality and only work correctly for a short time. In contrast, stretch films that are a bit expensive offer high quality. 

They perfectly hold the packaged load and offer long-term benefits. It automatically eliminates the need for repeatedly investing in stretch films and proves cost-effective compared to the low-quality stretch wraps that need to be purchased frequently. It is vital to analyze the cost of stretch film before purchasing it to ensure that you are getting the best value for your budget. 

7- Supplier Reliability:

Choosing a supplier is among the significant problems that are commonly noted while purchasing stretch films. If you choose a non-reliable supplier, you may get stretch films of inconsistent quality. You may also need help with deliveries and customer services. Make sure to choose a reliable supplier to ensure top-quality products, admirable customer support, and timely deliveries. In addition, it will also ensure the product’s authenticity.

The best way to check a reliable supplier is by checking the reviews from previous customers. If a supplier has more positive reviews, it means that the supplier is trustworthy. Briefly, choosing the right supplier will prevent you from issues like inconsistent product quality, delayed deliveries, poor customer support, and reputational damage to your business or company. 

Some Applications of Stretch Films

The following are the typical application needs of stretch films.

  • In the food and beverage industry, stretch films cover many applications due to various dimensions and gauged variations compared to traditional tarps, such as wrapping goods, to maintain hygiene and freshness and prevent food spoilage.
  • In the moving industry, they are used to secure and protect a wide range of products, such as furniture and other belongings, during transportation.
  • In the construction industry, it is used for wrapping construction materials such as pipe, lumber, etc., for easy handling and protection against environmental damage.
  • For events or gatherings, stretch films are handy for securing trays or containers. They help prevent spills and keep food items in place during transit.
  • One of the primary applications of stretch films in the kitchen is for food storage and preservation. They are available in different dimensions, depending on their application needs.
  • Stretch films can tightly wrap leftover food, ingredients, or prepared dishes to keep them fresh and prevent exposure to air and contaminants. They are more durable and useful than other traditional tarps.
  • The application needs of stretch films are also to create a tight seal around containers or directly over food items. Stretch films help extend the shelf life of perishable foods.
  • Stretch films can be used to marinate meats or vegetables by tightly wrapping them with marinade or seasoning. The clingability of stretch films helps ensure the marinade stays in close contact with the food, allowing for better flavor infusion and tenderization.
  • In manufacturing, it is used to wrap the raw material to prevent any damage during the manufacturing process.
  • In baking and cooking applications, stretch films can be used to create airtight seals over baking dishes or cover trays to prevent spills and maintain moisture during cooking. 
  • They can also cover dough or proof bread, providing a protective layer that promotes proper rising. They preserve food for a long time as compared to traditional tarps.
  • It wraps and covers automotive parts to protect them from corrosion or scratches during transpiration.

Where to Buy Stretch Films?

Stretch films are a common packaging material that is used globally. You can easily find them from your nearby store. However, if you are going to start your own business, buying a bulk amount of stretch films from a reliable supplier is the best idea. But, finding a trustworthy supplier is challenging because of the presence of a wide range of suppliers. If you want a globally recognized supplier proving that stretch films exhibit the best quality, then you must give it a chance to Homestraw.

Homestraw is the world’s leading manufacturing supplier and provides a wide range of certified products, including stretch films, to a large number of customers worldwide. We always succeed in winning and satisfying our customers with our excellent products and customer services.

We are offering high-quality stretch films that are carefully manufactured and inspected using advanced manufacturing techniques to meet the needs of all types of customers. These are available in different sizes, thicknesses, and colors. Our prices are perfectly compatible with the quality of the stretch films. You can also ask for a free sample to check the product’s authenticity and quality. Let’s invest in our stretch films for an unforgettable experience. 


Before purchasing stretch films or stretch wrappers, it is crucial to consider different issues to ensure they perform their job effectively. In other words, clarity is important for understanding the packaging needs and choosing the right stretch films.

Assessing the issue, including quality of stretch films, strength & durability, stretchability, thickness, compatibility with packing machinery, cost, and supplier reliability, is important. Considering and overcoming these issues through convenient solutions can help you choose stretch films that not only meet your packaging needs but also help save you money. Additionally, it will increase operational productivity, protect the items, and boost customer satisfaction, which will help your business succeed unstoppably. 

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