7 Best Degradable Garbage Bags in 2023

(Last Updated On: October 17, 2023)

In the modern era of increasing environmental plastic pollution, making environmentally friendly choices should be the priority. Besides numerous plastic-made products, plastic garbage bags significantly boost environmental pollution. The reason behind this is the non-degradability, which ultimately ends up in irreversible damage to our surroundings due to increased carbon footprints.

Instead of non-degradable garbage bags, we must go for a promising solution to reduce pollution. In such a case, using degradable garbage bags is an ideal option. These bags are manufactured using plant-based starches or bioplastics and offer high-level degradability. If you are curious about degradable garbage bags, let us dive into the detailed information of the best biodegradable garbage bags in 2023, their types, selection factors, and other interesting information. 

What Kind Of Garbage Bags Are Best For The Environment?

Regarding the environment, garbage and bin bags offering greater degradability are considered the best preference. They offer higher degradability, compostability, and recyclability than traditional plastic garbage bags. Let us explore the main types of eco-friendly garbage bags.

Biodegradable Garbage Bags:

Biodegradable garbage bags are those that offer outstanding biodegradability. These are commonly made of organic, natural, plant-based materials. They slowly disappear from the land due to biodegradability. They are undoubtedly safe for our environment.

Paper Garbage Bags:

As the name implies, paper garbage bags are manufactured using recycled paper. Such bags are degradable and can be easily recycled after disposal. They don’t impose any harmful impact on our environment and play an essential role in reducing pollution. 

Recycled-Plastic Garbage Bags:

Recycled plastic garbage bags can be ideally used to minimize plastic pollution. They are safer as compared to plastic bags and can be used to protect our environment from plastic damage.

Compostable Garbage Bags:

Compostable Garbage bags are made using compostable material such as corn starch. They offer exceptional compostability. Thus, they convert into compost, which can enrich the soil. Due to their compostability, they are considered environmentally friendly.

Why Switch To Biodegradable Garbage Bags?

Switching to biodegradable garbage bags offers numerous advantages compared to non-biodegradable garbage bags. Let us discuss the main reasons that make compostable and biodegradable bags more worthy. 

Minimize Plastic Pollution:

Using biodegradable garbage bags is crucial in reducing plastic pollution and carbon footprints. Unlike plastic garbage bags, this is because they undergo breakage by microorganisms present in the land. Consequently, they vanish permanently and help in reducing landfills.

Reduced Carbon Footprints:

While manufacturing biodegradable garbage bags, less harmful gasses are produced when compared to plastic bags. Thus, biodegradable  garbage bags help reduce carbon footprints, lessening the continuous changes in climate as they are made from plant-based material.

Composting Advantages:

Biodegradable garbage bags significantly offer composting advantages. We know that they are compostable and can be converted into nutrient-rich compost. The compost can be used as fertilizer and for agricultural purposes. 

Wildlife Conservation:

Non-biodegradable garbage bags prove harmful to our land and drastically affect wildlife. As they are not manufactured using natural materials like biodegradable garbage bags. They don’t harm wildlife due to being made of natural materials. 

Sustainable Choice:

Biodegradable Garbage bags offer greater sustainability in comparison to non-biodegradable garbage bags. They easily undergo a breakdown process, thus reducing the environmental impact and pollution.

7 Types of Degradable Garbage Bags:

Here is a brief description of the seven types of degradable bags.

1- BioBag:

BioBag is the world’s notable brand, recognized for manufacturing of degradable and compostable bags. It uses renewable resources for compostable bag manufacturing. These  bags are made using a special material named Mater-Bi, formed from compostable polymers, vegetable oils, and plant-derived resins. 

These bags offer exceptional biodegradability, compostability, and recyclability, making them a perfect alternative to plastic bags. They are eco-friendly and reduce the plastic-related environmental impacts.

2- GreenPolly:

GreenPollly bags are produced by an international GreenPolly brand. These bags are manufactured from certified post-consumer recycled plastic. They offer greater durability and reliability. They are environmentally friendly and don’t contribute to landfills.

They are designed with a strong drawstring closure to prevent trash from moving out. They lack toxic material and are manufactured with plant-based materials, thus impressively reducing the emission of  CO2 in the environment. Additionally, they are sustainable and ideal for collecting waste and trash material.

3- Homestraw:

Homestraw garbage bags are perfect for disposing and collecting waste materials. They are made from natural plant-based materials, especially plant starch, photodegradable polymer, and OXO biodegradable polymer. They are a great alternative to plastic garbage bags and offer greater durability and recyclability. 

They reduce the landfills by decomposing in a home compost pile and are safer for marine life. You can use these bags for various applications. They are high-quality garbage bags offering outstanding strength. Due to greater strength, this minimizes the chances of a leak; thus, they are leak-proof. They are also easy to carry and affordable.

4- UNNI:

UNNI garbage bags are eco-friendly bags, perfectly designed for trash and garbage. They are designed using plant starch and corn, making them degradable. The trash bag lacks polyethylene, thus reducing the risk of any environmental damage.

These bags are eco-friendly and are made with compostable materials, so whenever you put them in a compost environment, they decompose automatically and convert into nutrient-rich compost. They are durable and non-toxic, unlike harmful plastic bags. The trash bag is easy to use and perfectly holds all types of food and other waste.

5- Bag To Nature:

Bag To Nature garbage bags are BPI-certified, compostable, and biodegradable bags, perfectly designed for trash. They are eco-friendly because they possess biodegradable material. The trash bag is sturdy and doesn’t leak due to extra strength. They are helpful in collecting both outdoor and indoor waste and for pet waste.

Additionally, these bags are compostable, so they are converted into compost when given the appropriate environment. In this way, they are not accumulated on the land for many years after disposal. They are non-toxic and do not release harmful gasses into the environment after burning. In this way, they are ideal for reducing carbon footprints. 

6- Green Earth:

Green Earth garbage bags are degradable bags that are undoubtedly used instead of plastic. The trash bag is made using plant-based material. Thus, the trash bag guarantees to offer exceptional degradability, making it an eco-friendly choice. 

You can collect all types of trash and pet waste in these garbage bags without fear of any leakage. It depicts that these bags offer greater strength and durability. They are compostable and converted into nutrient-rich humus after disposal. They are cost-effective and can be used multiple times.

7- Green Hive

Green Hive makes its biodegradable trash bags from natural, organic, and plant-based materials. The company is devoted to minimizing plastic pollution and its environmental impact and has a strong environmental goal.  Regarding biodegradable trash bag possibilities, they could provide a range of sizes, strengths, and package amounts, and their bags can break down naturally in different environments.

Their best biodegradable garbage bags could be a good fit for composting, improving soil quality, and supporting environmentally friendly farming methods.

What Types Of Bags Should I Avoid?

No doubt, all types of degradable garbage bags are used for collecting and disposing of trash, but they all share different environmental impacts. Therefore, we must be cautious in using trash bags to prevent environmental damage. Let us explain the types of bags which we must avoid.

Single-Use Plastic Bags:

As the name suggests, single-use plastic bags can be used only for a single time. They are non-biodegradable and cannot be degraded by microorganisms in the soil. Additionally, they are non-compostable and cannot be recycled. They contain microplastics that not only pollute the environment but also affect wildlife. You must avoid using them for the sake of our environment’s safety.

Non-Recyclable Bags:

You must avoid using non-recyclable bags as they are made of material that cannot be recycled. They are also non-biodegradable and cannot be converted into other materials after disposal. 

Non-Degradable & Non-Compostable:

All types of non-degradable and non-compostable bags are harmful to the environment. They remain unaffected on the land and end up in landfills. They not only ruin the environment but also badly affect human health.

Bags containing Polyvinyl Chloride:

Refrain from using bags that are manufactured using polyvinyl chloride. Their manufacturing and disposal release harmful chemicals into the environment that cause health and environmental hazards.

Bags lacking Eco-Certifications:

Never use bags that are not certified and can cause environmental damage. Such bags don’t fulfill the environmental standards; therefore, we always prefer bags that have eco-certifications, especially BPI.

What Factors Must You Consider While Selecting the Best Degradable Garbage Bags?

You must consider the following factors when choosing degradable garbage bags. 

Biodegradability & Compostability:

Always choose the bags that offer exceptional biodegradability and compostability due to the lack of industrial composting facilities. Unlike traditional plastic garbage bags, such bags serve their function and are safe for the environment and health.

Strength & Durability:

Consider garbage bags with impressive sturdiness and durability, and they can be used as pet waste bags and food scraps. It should be sturdy enough to hold the trash for a long time without leakage and tearing. Such garbage and kitchen trash bags also offer longevity.


Size is among the main factors you must consider when choosing a garbage bag. Choose the one with an appropriate size and that can perfectly hold trash material and food scraps and is easy to decompose in a backyard compost pile.


You must buy a garbage bag made with the appropriate material such as compost trash bags work well for various applications. Choose one manufactured using renewable resources and natural, plant-based material such as corn starch. Such material offers biodegradability and compostability and can be recycled.


One must check the cost before investing in a garbage bag. These kitchen trash bags vary significantly in terms of their cost. You must choose the one that is budget-friendly and affordable.


Certification is no doubt a crucial factor when choosing garbage and kitchen trash bags. It is the main factor that most people commonly neglect in the selection of kitchen trash bags. Always choose the garbage bag with certifications that meet the international recyclability, como stability, and biodegradability standards.


Different brands manufacture various kitchen trash bags and garbage bags that vary greatly based on their material, quality, and prices. Go for the garbage bags designed by trustworthy and reputable brands.

How Long Do Biodegradable Bio Bags Take To Decompose?

Depending on the particular materials utilized and the surrounding circumstances, the breakdown time of biodegradable biobags might change. Biodegradable bio bags often have a shorter breakdown time than traditional plastic bags making them good environmentally friendly trash bags.

The biodegradable bio bag can break down in a few weeks to a few months under the right composting circumstances, which include enough moisture, temperature, and microbial activity. But it’s crucial to remember that if the bags wind up in a landfill, where the environment is less conducive to biodegradation, the breakdown durations may be noticeably longer.

It is advisable to consult the product specifications provided by the manufacturer or contact them directly if you have specific questions regarding the breakdown period of a certain brand or variety of biodegradable bio bags and kitchen trash bags.


In 2023, people are well aware of the environmental hazards of non-degradable bags and are looking for a degradable option. The above-discussed types of garbage bags and kitchen trash bags offer a high level of degradability, compostability, and recyclability. They don’t contribute to any pollution and landfills. They are the safest option for our surroundings and our health due to the lack of toxic or harsh chemicals.

However, you must consider several factors when choosing a specific garbage bag type. These include biodegradability, strength, size, material, cost certification, and brand. Different brands manufacture varying garbage bags. Homestraw is a certified company that manufactures high-quality garbage bags that meet your environmental and health requirements at affordable prices. Let you invest in our garbage bags and kitchen trash bags for the best customer service and endless experience. 

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