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6 Common Problems with Glass Straws

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(Last Updated On: September 7, 2021)

① Will heat-resistant glass products burst with boiling water?

High borosilicate heat-resistant glass, the instantaneous temperature difference: -20°C-150°C, boiling water is 100°C, because of the special material of heat-resistant glass, it is no problem to put glassware in the refrigerator and put it in boiling water directly after 12 hours.

② Can heat-resistant glass products be heated?

The electromagnetic sheet attached to the bottom can be directly used for heating by induction cooker or other electromagnetic heating equipment. Heat-generating insulation heating pads (such as USB insulation pads) are also possible. Heat-resistant glass products can be used for heating in microwave ovens and ovens (except for double-layer products). Double-layer glass products should not be directly heated by an open flame. Because of the presence of air in the middle compartment, there is a danger of explosion when placed in a microwave or oven.

③ Is the double-glazed product a vacuum? Why is there a stoma point at the bottom?

The double-layer glass product is not vacuum. There is a vent hole at the bottom of the outer layer to discharge gas during the blowing process to prevent deformation and explosion. After the production is completed, the hole is sealed. There is gas in the middle. If it is a vacuum, it will make a loud noise after breaking, and will blow up glass fragments, which can easily injure people.

④ Does the double-layer glass product have thermal insulation performance?

Double-layer glass products have a certain thermal insulation performance, and the intermediate layer can alleviate heat loss to achieve a certain thermal insulation performance.

⑤ Are heat-resistant glass products fragile and afraid of falling?

Like other glass products, they are fragile and are also afraid of falling. This is determined by the physical properties of the glass. However, heat-resistant borosilicate glass products have a tighter molecular structure than traditional soda-lime glass products, and can achieve better strength with a smaller thickness. The general thickness is about 1.1mm, and it feels light and still strong. durable. Therefore, ordinary bumps will not cause its damage.

⑥ How to identify whether glass products are heat-resistant glass?

Heat-resistant glass products have high transparency, good refraction effect, fine and smooth hand feeling, and light and thin texture.

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